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vasco rossi rewind

  • Rewind - Mans Zelmerlow
    "There we were With a party everywhere that we turned, yeah. No concerns. With a music streamning down the beach Embracing the heat, feel that. It's unreal it's all fanatic Bodies moving so ecstatic There's"
  • Rewind - Asia Cruise
    "(feat. Fabolous) I remember when just seein you would have my tremblin Never new my gizmo would turn into a gremelin I shouldve let you go, like keyshia cole and lil kim and then I thought we were gonna"
  • Rewind - Casely
    "Let It Go Girl, Not Tonight, I Just Got Home, Don't Wanna Fight And I Cant Entertain You Pointless Things And Be Jealous Every Night, Lets Rewind I Wish I Could Just Press Rewind For Real Though,I Mean"
  • Rewind - Submersed
    "I have my work cut out for me, Because I feel so selfishly It hurts now lookin' back I try to think of what went wrong, I've Never stayed like this so long It hurts now lookin' back In this grip of saddness, I"
  • Rewind - Room 94
    "I push rewind I push rewind I push rewind I’m thinking back to when we first met you had a a look in your eye that said I’m better off dead and everytime I get close to you you go and push me away like"
  • Rewind - Paramore
    "Don't come looking for me 'Cause I'll be right here with the words you said and for the words you say you know what you did you know How can anybody forget the promise that you made? Well this is how a"
  • Rewind - Punchline
    "take this tape the soundtrack to my brain things that I just can not say to you it's boiling up I'm on empty you can't see the scars inside all I know is I'm unknown by these things I can not say rewind"
  • Rewind - Stereophonics
    "It's your time It's your day It's never too late To change lanes How's your life? How's your place? Was it where you wanted Your head to lay? But wait, you can breathe You can see what I can see Don't"
  • Rewind - Figurine
    "this romance is fading i'm tired of complaining every single move you make ends up being a big mistake you constantly embarass me infront of friends and family but i'm not quite ready to let go if we rewind"
  • Rewind - Better Than Ezra
    "Cut a tape of my favorite songs Said what I can't face to face I hoped that you would share all my thoughts We are young and unimpressed, with all you'd recognize. So play it all over Turn it wide. Now"

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