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whytney huston heartbroke

  • All Alone - Ryan Huston
    "Is anybody out there calling askin for me? Is anybody somewhere wonderin' what's come of me? Is any mail today that I couldn't find? And am I in the thoughts or prayers in somebody's mind? And everybody's"
  • Already Wasted - Ryan Huston
    "I'm already wasted Take me to bed I'm feeling so dizzy Its all in my head I just cant remember What brought me to this The room is still spinning Or maybe its me This is all I am this is me at"
  • Breathe - Ryan Huston
    "Do what I say not what you tell me to I cant take you, think I hate you I cant believe you were quick deceive When I loved you think I still do Im so divided I cant breathe Take away the pain Let"
  • Last Sunday - Ryan Huston
    "Ryan: "Check Check... we good?" Marie: "Yeah" Ryan: "Let's do it!" Called you up talked it out took a train and I went Last Sunday I couldn't drive to you cause I was just too wasted to try Picked"
  • Promise - Ryan Huston
    "Don't get me wrong I'm not a nice guy I'm not a good guy Anyway I guess you were wrong I'm sorry I fooled you I didn't intend to I'm sorry I stayed Anyway, you think I should be ashamed Anyway,"
  • Thank You - Ryan Huston
    "I'll try to relate if you will talk to me. I'll try to be great, like it were meant to be. You think that maybe we could sit for a while. Come out and say the things that you like to do. And I'll do"
  • Tired - Ryan Huston
    "I'm getting so tired, so tired of the same The same old shit just on a different day You think that you know, but how could you see The problems I face, the battle in me The days pass me by and still"
  • Waste My Time - Ryan Huston
    "So I, turn my back on all of the, stupid games that you play so i just won't go there with you, you should know it's not my way All i do in front of you is just act the part that you say never again"
  • Cowboy Lovin' Night - Tanya Tucker
    "Their tuning those twin Texas fiddles, It'll soon be holding time, I'm such a easy mood, It's close to 4/4 time. All alone at a table for two, Just me, and the candle light. Shuffle with me Huston stranger,"
  • Grand Prix - Taco Hemingway
    "jeżeli to czytasz już za późno dziwna postać kiedy patrze w lustro puszczam twoje but y w moim turbo Chryste Panie nasz kierowca prawie usnął Huston ty masz nawet swoja babę pustą kto to widział robić"

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