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  • Forever 16 - Stereo Total
    "No, i'm not a girlie not a "heidi" not a "minnie petite souris" but you know it could be as well if you call me mademoiselle No, i'm not a little cutie not a sleeping beauty not a nice and sweet baby with"
  • 16 Lines - Lil Peep
    "16 Lines blowing my mind we used to be safe we used to be safe please don’t cry 16 Lines blowing my mind broke my bones ache my spine wonder who you .. when I’m died and if I try, don’t you cry please"
  • Hard 16 - Vixen
    "Hard 16 Dady didn't care, mama wasn't there Jenny slammed the door to her heart Packed a suitcase of anger No one tried to save her She headed for the city that shines in the dark But the lights fade away"
  • 16 Days - Lori Carson
    "On the phone Til 4 a.m. We go over everything The last years And how we wasted them On the phone Til 4 a.m. We go over everything Tomorrow keeps on coming I will never leave you, love I will never leave"
  • 16 Days & 16 nights - The Car Is On Fire
    "Day by dayTurn insane (We turn insane)Safe to say (And it's safe to say)Who's to blame (We never tried that way)Things we saidThings we didThings we usedWorked a bit (To make it work a bit)Sixteen timesChange"
  • 16 Jahr' - Udo Lindenberg
    "Sie war gerade 16 Jahr', fast noch ein Kind mit weichem Haar, 'ne Frau zum Lieben. Der Sommer ging, als ich sie sah. Die leeren Nchte schon so nah, die mir noch blieben. Ich malte und frisierte mich ein"
  • 16 Tons - Platters
    "Some people say man's made out mud, Well, a good man's made out of muscle and blood Muscle and blood, and skin and bones, And mind that's weak and the back that's strong. You load 16 tons, And what do"
  • Sweet 16 - Green Day
    "Bring me back to an hour ago Time stands still as the years go by Brown-eyed girl that's throwing down a bottle of Old English Back in the warehouse Old days are fine, but are left so far behind From"
  • 16 Tons - Donots
    "You find me crouched in the corner of my expectations im in the place where nobody wants to be 16 tons falling down on me situation overload i think my heads gonna explode and every day the tension grows"
  • 16 Tons - Tom Jones
    "[1vsl] Some people say a man is made out of mud well a poor man's made outta muscle and blood..Muscle and blood and skin and bone..and a mind that's weak..but a back thats strong. [2vs] And he was born"

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