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Cheryll blossom

  • Pity - The Creatures
    "Ugly words, ugly crimes, ugly thoughts invade your mind No charity, no dignity, no sympathy... so I'll be deaf, dumb, and blind today Nausea is all I feel today Divorce these crimes from my eyes Lowered"
  • Womankind - The Incredible String Band
    "I sing for love of womankind, I have one in my heart and mind, Low, my heart aches for her. My soul swims naked in her streams, And in her meadows lies to dream, Hay, what need to waken. Her breast blow"
  • This Is Not America - Silje Nergaard
    "A little piece of you The little peace in me Will die For this is not America Blossom fails to bloom this season Promise not to stare too long For this is not a miracle There was a time A storm that"
  • To Hell - Aurora
    "... now my barbaric body becomes an easy prey to every wildanimal and every wind shall breath in the shadow of every numbness tree murmuring and whispering for his hideous sin julia went down down down"
  • Corpus Christi Carol - Lloyd
    "Corpus Christi Carol Down in yon forest there stands a hall, The bells of Paradise I heard them ring; It's covered all over with purple so tall And I love my Lord Jesus above any thing. In that hall there"
  • April In Paris - Dean Martin
    "April in Paris Who can I run to What have you done to my heart April in Paris Chestnuts is blossom Holiday tables under the trees April in Paris This is the feeling No one can ever reprise I'd never know"
  • Daisy Summer Pipers - Joni Mitchell
    "Come and take me by the hand There's so much to be seen The fields are dancing daisy bright Hills are dappled green Winter wind has ceased her labor Giving birth to blossom rain as sweet as rain And maybe"
  • The Hardest Part - Erasure
    "Let it fill your heart And throw it all over Like a flower Into the water Let it fill your heart Let it blow you all over When you tumble Under the water What's to come of my life Dreaming days away -Chorus: And"
  • I Know What God Is - Perry Como
    "I have heard the wild bird's sing so I know what "freedom" is I have looked into the eyes of a child so I know what "faith" is I have seen a rainbow so I know what "beauty" is I have planted a"
  • Take Me Back To Tulsa - Hank Thompson
    "TAKE ME BACK TO TULSA (Bob Wills - Tommy Duncan) '41 Peer International Where's that gal with red dress on some folks called her Dinah Stole my heart away from me way down in Louisiana Take me back"

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