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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot

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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot
  • Del Reeves Mexican Joe
    "South of the border hey I know a lad He's got more fun than anybody's had Don't got no worry don't got no dough Everybody's a wondering about Mexican Joe In old Mexico they call him the Rhumba King Leads"
  • Don Henley Walkaway Joe
    "Momma told her baby, "Girl take it real slow." Girl told her momma, "Hey, I really gotta go. He's waitin' in the car." Momma said, "Girl you won't get far." Thus are the dreams of an average Jane Ninety"
  • Phil Vassar Joe & Rosalita
    "Joe and Rosalita, look'em up in the year book Even then they had that wild-in-love crazy look Joe's car on Friday night, after the ball game Steam so thick on the windows They could write their names They'd"
  • MC Ren Shot Caller
    "(feat. Big Rocc & Tha Chill) [ VERSE 1: MC Ren ] Niggas in the hood lookin at me crazy Tellin niggas like they wanna fuck my old lady Same fuckin shit every day at 8 o'clock Nigga, start my day off raisin"
  • O.C. Supertones Sure Shot
    "I wanna do the right thing. I wanna be the sure shot. I wanna have my mind straight. I wanna have my point got. I wanna be a good man, I wanna have my act down. I wanna be the future and I wanna be right"
  • Carola Best shot
    "Never gonna let no one break me downHanged tough, gave it my bestWhen you tried to run me into the groundIt's rough, no time to restNo tears now that I'm so much strongerNo fears cause I got what it takesGive"
  • Sparklehorse Hey, Joe
    "hey Joe c'mon Joe don't make that sad song any sadder than it already is hey Jack get back get yourself together c'mon c'mon I know you're thinking about your nervous laugh I know exactly what you're thinking"
  • Widespread Panic Old Joe
    "Well, Old Joe, he moves slow He likes to look at things and paint pictures on his radio He says they make the songs look better. One day, Joe met a girl Sweet breathing thing Dancin' naked, nudey, in"
  • Good Rats Injun Joe
    "I wanna see this house burn I wanna see it tumblin' down I'm gonna watch the white burn from her eyes Well, I'm gonna light the fuse (Whoa, Yeah!) I'm through payin' my dues I refuse, to kick off my shoes "
  • Helmet Money Shot
    "Dirty pictures, watch as she gets paid The money shot Greatest hits on the mattress are What she's got So relive her of right where you belong You want to be wanted But nothing is as good as you thought"

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