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  • I belong to you - B-Charme
    "When you're walking by I'm feeling inside just butterflies I'm getting so high If only you stand so close and All that I can do Is to please you To stay together All that I can give Is my loving Now and"
  • Am I To Believe? - Hillsong United
    "Am I to believe' that a God would give His Son? am I to believe' that the world was bought with love? am I to believe' that a stranger died for me? am I to believe' that a Saviour set me free? 'Cause"
  • I Belong To You - Building 429
    "I stand astounded by your unfailing love Your grace imparted rings freedom in my soul So I lift a voice to reach into the heavens Trying to find a way to say how much I love You Because You spoke my"
  • I Want To Know - The Mavericks
    "I want to know what promises to keep I wanna know how guilty people sleep I wanna know if willows really weep I wanna know where's my reward to reap? I wanna know why the devil's not wrung dry I wanna"
  • I Don't Want To - Ashley Monroe
    "I could go out tonight And find some stranger It wouldn't be wrong No, it wouldn't be wrong Cause it ain't no crime, no felony There ain't no chains here Holdin' me down, holdin' me down There"
  • I use to know - Jasmine Guy
    "I use to know deep down inside who i wasit seems as i got older i lost the ploti've looked as if i've forgotyou know that you're the only one i can stand to be withyou know that you're the only one i can"
  • I Love To Love - Charles Tina
    "Charles Tina Miscellaneous I Love To Love I love to love But my baby just loves to dance He wants to dance He loves to dance He's got to dance So I love to love But my baby just loves to dance I love"
  • I Forgot To Cry - Charlie Louvin
    "I just knew the day you left my life was over And without your love I knew I'd surely die But today will be a day to remember for today I forgot to cry Maybe it means that tomorrow somehow I'll learn to"
  • I Want To Live - Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    "When I look into your sad blue eyes, they whisper, Love's been and gone... It's the end of the line, we're wasting our time I kiss you goodbye, now I can't believe I ever said that I would die for you,"
  • I belong to you - Barlow Girl
    "Everybody needs to belong somewhereLife can feel so alone without someone who caresAnd when life becomes something just to get throughThat's when I'm glad that I belong to youCHORUS:I belong to youI belong"

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