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mlode wilki 6

  • From A Motel 6 - Yo La Tengo
    "you shouldn't hide but you always do cause even when you're gone, I can see right through you want disconnection you want me there enough for two pull a woollen blanket across my eyes dream a quiet place"
  • 6 Feet Under Ground - Rage
    "Just alone, they're gone away Six feet under ground This was only yesterday Six feet under ground I've had my time, I've had my place I've gone too far, stuck in disgrace What is it that I have"
  • 6 In The Morning - Client
    "You look good on your knees You know its time to please Try me, Im hard to please, submission, electric tease Cant help the way I feel, my times not yours to steal Its six in the morning baby, dirty boy"
  • Del Uno Al 6 - Bobby Pulido
    "cada noche en elevador del edificio mas viejo del barrio como siempre a las doce es puntual las ancias de acariarlo lo brotan de las manos ella nerviosa va como la primera vez por que su amado vera la"
  • Blondon Fair 6:02 - Twelfth Night
    "Heil, Mothers love to wash you clean To bleed you dry Lie beneath filial grief For genocide Blondon Fair lust for their Masterdom Hooked and feint - Heaven sent Exodus Heil! In the hut In there In the"
  • 6 Baronne Awk Awk - Unlv
    "Chorus I say boot up or shut up Nigga get yo life lit up Yeah yeah yeah wootay I say boot up or shut up or Get yo f**kin' life lit up Yeah yeah yeah wootay First verse {tec-9} Chillin' on the set with"
  • 6 In A Row - Stamper
    "(Spoken) All I have left in this world if my faith in Jesus. All I can ask if that he keeps me on the right path and forgives me if I go down the wrong one. Blacktastic 2k5... (Rapped) Bitch! Yo I"
  • End On The 6 - The Anywheres
    "12:09 The train to Trenton's right on time but I'm still waiting for my ego to arrive A dollar five A poor man asks and I oblige Here's to my money leaving me before my mind and it's not hard to keep the"
  • Telemetry 6: Walk Away - Crxshadows
    "In this fading image we'll carve our destiny sometimes life is a cruel friend sometimes that's what we need I'll hold my eyes when the light comes in I'll sell my silence for a song now I won't die if"
  • Shock Of Point 6 - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "Bow down bow down bow down And I'll give you everything Bow down bow down bow down And I'll give you everything that a man could need Everything is there in time Everything's recurring in time We conceive"

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