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blank space taylort sfiw

  • Infinite Space - Rusted Root
    "To obtain the space I need I lock myself in shelter in the bush thick & thorned, in the bush thick and thorned, with the infinite being my god, walking with the great and vast with no limits in my head, no"
  • Empty Space - Air Traffic
    "There's A Void That I Can't Fill An Empty Space I Cant Replace With Anything At All The Lights Are All Burnt Out And Smoke Will Drive The Swimmers Down There's *no* One Left At All You've Done Enough He's"
  • Space Oddity - Natalie Merchant
    "Space Oddity Ground Control to Major Tom Ground Control to Major Tom Take your protein pills and put your helmet on Ground Control to Major Tom Commencing countdown, engines on Check ignition and may"
  • Empty Space - Pyogenesis
    "All of those senseless things With my life In one who sees kids and sun Art on the I'm one The fire of the hearts burns quietly And everything I want to do is wrong But these are hopeless tears forever Hopeless"
  • Space Cadet - Digger
    "My life has no direction. Always spinning round and round, and no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get my ass up off the ground. I have no money, but that's OK, I have nothing to spend it on anyway."
  • Space Boogie - Kurupt
    "(feat. Nate Dogg) Yeah nigga... Westcoast Westcoastin', floatin', oh so floatin' Nigga!... G'z... Young Gotti I'm like... fuck a bitch and fuck you too It's so many different things that i'm gon' do Switches"
  • Deep Space - Rickie Lee Jones
    "These stars No one else can see Trapeze the height of thee Vanish as they call These blues No one else can hear No one else can sing This one for you Can they, dear? Things that you do are always with"
  • Space Bound - Keepsake
    "Your heart beat is slowing with some wine. I'm reading a catastrophic sign; me up is what he says. It's competition no end. A method to the madness. We've made some friends among us now. Tell me who wears"
  • Space Odyssey - The Byrds
    "In nineteen and ninety-six we ventured to the moon Onto the the Sea Of Crisis like children from the womb We journeyed cross the great wall plain beneath the mountain range and there we saw the pyramid,"
  • Space Cowboy - Banaroo
    "Doo doo b doo be doo (8x) Spacecowboy i just wanna fly Right up to the sky Spacecowboy i just wanna fly to the sky I just wanna fly,doo doo be doo be doo Right up to the sky I just wanna fly,doo doo"

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