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  • Am i to believe - Hillsong
    "Am I To Believe...That A God Would Give His Son?Am I To Believe...That The Word Was Bought With Love?Am I To Believe...That A Stranger Died For Me?Am I To believe...That A Saviour Set Me Free?Cause I Have"
  • I love to praise - Natalie Grant
    "Holy One, Father of the Earth, Create in me a pure heart, So I can come in Spirit and in Truth To worship You, That's what I long to do. I love to Praise, I love to lift Your Holy Name! From the rising"
  • I Belong To You - Lenny Kravitz
    "You are the flame in my heart You light my way in the dark You are the ultimate star You lift me from up above Your unconditional love Takes me to paradise I belong to you And you You belong to me too You"
  • I Like To Rock - April Wine
    "April Wine Harder Faster I Like To Rock (myles goodwyn) Published by goody two tunes, inc. - bmi Well alright, somethin's got you goin' tonight Doin' all she can, it's alright Come on can't you see That"
  • I Turn To You - All-4-One
    "When I'm lost in the rain In your eyes I know I'll find the light to light my way And when I'm scared of losing ground When my world is going crazy, you can turn it all around And when I'm down you're"
  • I only wanted to - Mesh
    "Empty thoughts could be so cruel but empty words make life so full said I owed it all to you So I took the measure of your pleasure You thought you knew my simple heart But you didn't recognise the crucial"
  • I wanted to know - Norton
    "With a little luck this ol' truck will get me home today With a little more I'll still have this job tomorrow Weather man says a wet weekend he just might be right But rain or shine you'll be mine tonight"
  • I need to know - Twarres
    "I need to know how do you do and do you miss me a lot (I need to know) I need an answer you're still breathing in my mind you breathe in and breathe out you're still talking in my mind It's a simple"
  • I used to hide - LAB
    "Every time I close my eyesI'm alone inside my mindEvery breath I breathe is mineEvery time I go outsideI'm afraid one day I mightNo more make it back insideSuddenly you changed my mind: I used to fake"
  • I Have To Leave - Warren Zevon
    "I have to leave Let me go now I dont want to be here anymore you are boring Let go of my arm I have things I have to do Im late for my train to Milan Ow, I stubbed my toe Where are my sandals? Did you"

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