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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot

  • Sure Shot - The Beastie Boys
    "'Cause you can't, you won't and you don't stop 'Cause you can't, you won't and you don't stop 'Cause you can't, you won't and you don't stop Mike D come on and rock the sure shot I've got the brand new"
  • Big Shot - Sewing With Nancie
    "He's back, and he's a big shot, baby on a rampage kickin' in the pit. He's on attack. He drinks a beer, kicks an ass, every day it's the same old shit. Cause he can talk, talk, talk, he can be punk rock"
  • One Shot - Zebrahead
    "Look and start to stare into a new point of view Trip between the lines of what they say that you can do Break apart the prejudice that rules all the fools Prove that they are wrong To prove that they"
  • Gun shot - Akon
    "Chorus: Anyone in the place tonight you don't wanna be a witness then walk away (Akon!!!) Cause I'm a soldier that love to fight and anyone in my path will die today By my AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!)"
  • Another Shot - Zulu
    "2 inna de morning deh a VIP dem have a line still stand inna street Zulu man a come with no damn ID, and get the gal dem weak inna knees I take it de woman you come here so with, is out of your league"
  • Show shot - 2Pac
    "Watch me... ain't no question, I'm stuck up in a mad case of lyrical congestion, not the one protestin'... come mesh with the one in yo chest splinder, not because of cardiact, but because of heart-iact..."
  • One Shot - Pulley
    ""This is it, my one shot at the big time; I better make it count, stand up and be heard. Cause I know, if the radio plays this song, all the kids will buy it for maybe a month from now, and I won't be"
  • Hot Shot - Shaggy
    "They call me Mr hot shot baby can I do my thing Don't stop girl I like the vibe you bring Knock knock open up and let me in We can do most anything tell me do you like my swing repeat Well tell"
  • Gut Shot - Much The Same
    "These photographs that hang on my wall meant everything Looking back they all seem like a fading dream But waking now I know that it's just a fallacy I rub my eyes and face reality How could I just sit"
  • One Shot - Dub Incorporation
    "One shot ! blood ! another killa' Sarce teharaste tcharchoreune madeune Blood, mais le sang appelle le sang ! Ahbeusse el guierrant del moth soffle medeun Shoot chaque guerre comme un attentat ! Quand"

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