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the white tie affair

  • Black-Tie Knife-Fight - Drowningman
    "Try to stab me, motherfucker. You can't hit what you can't see. All these lights are blinding me. Let's go. Let's do it, you sack of shit. Try to kill me, motherfucker. You can't hit what you can't see."
  • White Lady - White Skull
    "Don't you remember We spent the night You can't refuse me I can't survive The pain of living twice at same time Destroyed my senses, undertook my mind Heaven in my dreams Hell in real life The pain of"
  • Tie Your Dreams To Mine - Marty Robbins
    "Tie your dreams to mine See how high we can climb Together, we can rise above it all One step at a time Leave the world behind If you'll tie your dreams to mine If we spend our lives tryin' to make it"
  • Strings That Tie To You - Jon Brion
    "From the wrinkles on my forehead To the mud upon my shoe Everything's a memory With strings that tie to you In my dream I'm often runnning To the place that's out of view Of every kind of memory With"
  • Simple Affair Of The Heart - Michael Ball
    "(Flett/Fletcher) You say we're in love Well I don't know how to tell you It's not the way it seems And you think you really love me, And you're waiting for the earthquake You've been feeling in your"
  • Black And White - Ice Cube
    "Did you get your race card? I didn't get my race card Did you get your race card? Hell no, I didn't get my race card! Did you get your race card? Homeboy, where'd you get your race card? Did you get your"
  • You Rope, You Tie Me - Joan Armatrading
    "Don't stand in my way Let me pass Easy Don't try to block, trip Or check my baby No counter action Gonna handicap me baby You know I'm travelling light Yeah, yeah, yeah You're a lion in my path In my light 'Scuse"
  • Tie Me Up With Jackets - Fight Like Apes
    "Same goes for you, I like my meatballs in a dish And I like other people too. As the saying goes I'm pretty nift, But I'd love to see you in the nude With overcoats tied around your head, Japanese children"
  • Tie Me Up! Untie Me! - Me Without You
    "I was looking at the leaves Climbing to the tops of the trees But you were nowhere to be found, Just beneath all the green You were buried like a little seed Among the roots and underground, I was licking"
  • A Night On The Town (With Snow White) - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
    "A night on the town with you We'll start with dinner here It's tacos for two A little candlelight and a lot of cheer I'll help you clean this mess up Then we're out of here Gee, you look swell and I like"

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