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wy we wilk rock

  • Rock Ice - Hot Boys
    "(Background Talking): Mannie: Drink some of that, man.. Turk: Look at these bad influences.. BG: It's gettin' hot in this muh'fucka.. Lil' Wayne: (H~O~T... H~O~T...) Mannie: Say it, and mean it.. Lil'"
  • Eagle Rock - Motorhead
    "I dont know how I know it But I sure know its true I know that you can always find Some way to make it through You might not have the answers You could still be in shock It aint fair, but you wont care Long"
  • Rock Y'all - Zion I
    ""Come on!" Fa ya gon', fa ya gon'! Check it out though "Come on!" Yea, yea yea yea yea yea yo yo You could never understand The way that I feel but you swear ya can Cuz you politics just make me sick Let"
  • Body Rock - Mos Def
    "(feat. Q-Tip, Tash) Aight, uhh, alright y'all slow down I'm tryin ta Aight, yo I I only took a little bit of Spanish you gotta Aight I hear what you're sayin but yo, aight okay Alright okay, alright"
  • Rock Star - R. Kelly
    "(feat. Ludacris, Kid Rock) Lights, thats the stamina action Ima rock star Check the crowd reaction Im like lights, thats the stamina action Ima rock star Check the crowd reaction Im like Hey, you's"
  • Weird Rock - Useless ID
    "You gave me winter day. Oh, that's why I loved you. You made it all the way home, so that I would find you. Weird rock, all night. It was all we wanted. But, you and me were always meant to be a novelty. I'm"
  • Rock Stars - Superchick
    "She moves to LA She wants to be somebody Three and a half years later She's still not anybody She's still hoping for a break While she's waiting tables Realizing some dreams are fables Fear grows when"
  • Rock & Roll - Naughty By Nature
    "(feat. Method Man, Redman) And y'all thought it was over (Nah nah it ain't over 'til the fat bitch sings my nigga) We ready to Rock & Roll God damn it? (Fuck Yeah) Dirty Jers'/New Jerusaluem (Shaolin) Naughty"
  • Rock Star - Damone
    "You have a hold of me inside I dream about you every night You knew just how to show you cared And now I mis sthat you're not there Please say Please don't say Cause I want you here rock star So I fall"
  • Solid Rock - Delirious?
    "Theres a rock that doesnt move, It hasnt moved, it will never move, Even though the waves come crashing down. Theres a tower on a hill, its always strong, It will never shake, It was standing there before"

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