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Faith Hill There Youll Be

  • Baby You Belong - Faith Hill
    "There's a reason why You can look up every night Every star in heaven is in its place There's a reason why The full moon pulls up tight And the waves roll in to a shore that always waits And just like"
  • I Love You - Faith Hill
    "(Aldo Nova) I must be crazy now Maybe I dream too much But when I think of you I long to feel your touch To whisper in your ear Words that are old as time Words only you would hear If only you were mine I"
  • Red Umbrella - Faith Hill
    "1st Verse Sometimes life can get a little dark I'm sure I've got bruises on my heart Here come the black clouds full of pain Yeah, you can break away without the chains Pre Chorus Your love is like"
  • The Lucky One - Faith Hill
    "So hot outside all i can wear Is these cut off overalls And these sandals on my feet But i emptied my pockets for a bus ticket So i could sit there on a broken seat I got no place i should go I got no"
  • You're Still Here - Faith Hill
    "Thought I saw you today, you were standing in the sun and you turned away, and I knew it couldn't be but my heart believed. Oh it seems like there is something every day. How could you be so far away,"
  • Part Of Your World - Faith Hill
    "From "The Best Of Country Sings The Best Of Disney" (Howard Ashman/Alan Menken) Maybe he's right. Maybe there is something wrong with me. I just don't see how a world that, That makes such wonderful things...could"
  • Better Days - Faith Hill
    "Hard times are fallin' on you Even when you smile I see the hurt come through And I know it feels like it's never gonna end You say nothin's been right for a long time And every step you take is an uphill"
  • Lucky one - Faith Hill
    "So hot outside all I can wear is these cut off overallsAnd these sandals on my feetBut I emptied my pockets for a bus ticketSo I could sit there on a broken seatI got no place I should go I got no worries"
  • That's how love moves - Faith Hill
    "It's such a mystery How you found something in me That I never knew was there But you uncovered it so easily You turn me like the season And I began to change You wrapped your arms around me Now"
  • Lost - Faith Hill
    "Is it obvious to you When you walk into a room Your face is all I see And my heart races so fast I never knew a rush to feel like that Every time you're touching me I never did believe in anything I couldn't"

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