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  • Something to sleep to - Michelle Branch
    "She's his yellow brick road Leading him on And letting him go as far as she lets him go Going down to nowhere She puts on her make-up The same way she did yesterday Hoping everything's the same But everything"
  • To Have & To Hold - Deftones
    "(originally done by depeche mode) I need to be cleansed It's time to make amends For all of the fun The damage is done And I feel diseased I'm down on my knees And I need forgiveness Someone to bear witness To"
  • To Life To Love - Andy Hunter
    "Ive been to the Garden Breathed the sweetest air Alive and wanting more Ate the fruit and honey Ive tasted the sweetest sweet I am full on life So come on, come on now Lets run together Come on, come"
  • To Late To Change - Fist Raised
    "Too late to change - we're always involved in problems that we can solve without anyones help although we're seeking shelters that won't bend for the pressure whatever that might be maybe you can stand"
  • To go to heaven - Dr. Sin
    "When I saw you for the first time I fetl my heartbeat growing stronger You came to me just like a vision of hope And I knew we'd be together somehow You gotta know You're all I want Only you make me feel"
  • Someone To Talk To - The Police
    "Though it's me that's on fire not this cigarette And what do I care if she leaves me alone If I need somebody I'll pick up the phone I'll put on my good face, clean up the flat I'm starting all over, good"
  • Shinjitsu to gensou to - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Hada wo kizande shijin wa chi de kataru Tooi tabiji kono tamashii ga te wo hiku Kakomarete mayou kasaba Sokonashi no yume Unmei to yokubou wo Namiutsu umi ni sasagata Irie ni ukabu honoo mitai ni Daite"
  • To Live's To Fly - Townes Van Zandt
    "By townes van zandt Won't say I love you, babe, Won't say I need you, babe, But I'm gonna get you babe And I will not do you wrong. Living's mostly wasting time And I'll waste my share of mine But it"
  • Something To Cling To - Skyclad
    "Sometimes life feels like an ocean, cruel and far too cold to mention. Though you raise a great commotion - still no-one pays you attention There's no sail on the horizon, when the shark-fins gather near, you"
  • To Get To You - Lorrie Morgan
    "I've cried an ocean of salty tears, so torn apart by love Struggled through so many lonely years, dying for a lover's touch But now that I'm lying here safe in your arms Baby I would go through it all"

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