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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot

  • Joe Porterhouse - Elvis Costello
    "The children sit upon the stairs High above a valley of tears Don't let them see you crying that way oh no Oh no Joe Porterhouse Is not gone forever He'll be back another day Don't let them see you crying"
  • Uncle Joe - Red House Painters
    "where have all the people gone in my life I'm looking at the ceiling with an awful feeling of loss and loneliness the after late night television pain I'm running out of strength and it feels so wonderful to"
  • Big Shot - Zebrahead
    "LH cause 714 is the area Everybody grab a friend and jump on in Get a new view and a message to send Look for the truth and a hand you can lend But you Got something to prove A turn of your back"
  • Plastic-Joe - Ulrich Roski
    "Als Josef auf die Welt kam, war sein Lebensweg schon klar Er war bereits ein Wrack, als seine Mutter ihn gebar Hier fehlte ihm ein Knochen, da ein Muskel aus dem Arm Hier ein Stck Nebennierenrinde und"
  • Workin' Joe - Stan Rogers
    "I used to love these lazy winter afternoons; Starting out too late giving up too soon; Coming home to coffee and a trashy book; Never paying any mind if things were never done on Time was when a fella"
  • Fire Shot - Slightly Stoopid
    "we got the fire shot madness so me go fire fire now fire down below for these people they running round out of control they running round them wicked out of control jah jah be with you but until"
  • Joe Delord - No Fun At All
    "Joe Delord he was a man of resources Came to earth to fight the dark and evil forces With a fire in his eyes strongly burning And a passion just like no one ever seen How compassionate you are Wants to"
  • Ordinary Joe - Nujabes
    "And for my opening line I'm not trying to indicate my state of mind. I turn you on, I tell you that I'm laughing just to keep from crying And bringing music when you hear it, Keep on trying to get near"
  • One Shot - Sinik
    "H mettez du son, mettez-vous bien C'est S I N I K, Mals'1 l'Assassin Six Nine, En attendant l'album Rentre 2004, La main sur le coeur J'arrive d'un monde o la violence tous les droits Ecoutez-moi"
  • One Shot - Tin Machine
    "(David Bowie/Hunt Sales/Tony Sales) The ghosts of Manhattan shrieking as they fall >From AT&T Someone sees it all-goodbye Mr. Ed Andy's skull enshrined in a shopping mall near Queens Someone sees it all Icarus"

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