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wy we wilk rock

  • Rock U - Ryan Leslie
    "VERSE Baby let me get your attention Cuz you're lookin good not to mention I've been feelin' you on the low here And you're feelin' me too it's so clear Aye - I got the notion That you wanna put things"
  • Rock Solid - Crystal Lewis
    "Slippin' down the road of romance Don't get caught in a hit and run When your love is fallin' too fast I know a straight up way to go You don't have to lose control Get up on solid ground my friend"
  • Let's rock - Gemelli DiVersi
    "It's a crazy night till the mornin' night..... RITORNELLO: people gettin' crazy in the summer night and rock the parties till the mornin' night that's rock rock rock this crazy crazy night oh oh oh that's"
  • Worry Rock - Weezer
    "Another sentimental argument and bitter love Hugged without a kiss again and dragged it through the mud Yelling at brick walls and punching windows made of stone The worry rock has turned to dust and fallen"
  • Brighton Rock - Elastica
    "We were sauced right there on Brighton beach You a goth and I was such a peach I sought to be the best at it PC Plod he still arrested it We're getting over it We're sweating over it That makes you"
  • Worry Rock - Green Day
    "Another sentimental argument and bitter love. Fucked without a kiss again and dragged it through the mud. Yelling at brick walls and punching windows made of stone. The worry rock has turned to dust and"
  • Rock Star - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, hehe Eh, uh, uh - here we go Yea, yea Murder Inc, uh, uh - classic shit Yea y'all I'm a rock star bay-bayyyyy (yea) Fuckin with these niggaz! Yeahhh, yea, yea, uhh I'm a rock star bay-bayyyyy If"
  • Rock Solid - Dance Gavin Dance
    "The first thing I say in the morning is fuck that shit People are offended and tired, so fuck that shit I walk myself to my church service and ask for this Balance my brain chemicals, so I can give a shit Shit Stay"
  • Rock stars - Superchic(k)
    "She wants to be somebody three and a half years later she's still not anybody she's still hoping for a break while she's waiting tables realizing some dreams are fables fear grows when she knows that she's"
  • Rock Me - Steppenwolf
    "She asked me maybe I could share her sorrow For all the men that tried to treat her wrong Though just a baby, awaiting her tomorrow It's rock me baby, rock me baby, all night long She needs an answer"

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