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  • I Pretend To Choke - Two Thirty Eight
    "I pretend, I pretend to choke but there are things we should not joke about. I made a list - a list of things I tried so hard, so hard to forget about. I awoke to find my neighbors gone, some moved"
  • I need to know - Cosmo Klein
    "Lovers and dreamers, feel want an matters. My life is your life, it's passion, emotions feeling my escape future my way the diamonds of time I passing, I passing me by Chorus: I need to know, we'll ever"
  • I want to know - Living Colour
    "I hear your name whispered on the wind It's a sound that makes me cry I hear a song blow again and again Through my mind and I don't know why I wish I didn't feel so strong about you Like happiness and"
  • I Turn To You - Crosse Clay
    "Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin A silent house, moonlit walls Shadows move like ghosts down empty halls The daily news lies on the floor A crazy world waits outside my door As life goes on Chorus: I turn"
  • I want to give - Perry Como
    "I wanna give, I wanna give my love to you completely, I beg of you, I beg of you to listen to my heart! I've never prayed like this before, And I'm askin' you not to close the door, For I can tame the"
  • I Fall To Pieces - John Entwistle
    "When I'm looking at you I just don't know what to do with my eyes When my gaze meets yours it's just like I'm hypnotized My eyes start to burn Everything spins round I get double vision I'm spellbound I"
  • I Do To Be - Laura Pausini
    "Take a look around Take a look at me And tell me what you see Am I just a friend 'Cause if I am I wanna be more it's true Anything you want Anything you need I can give to you If you let me in My"
  • I Cry To Myself - Chant
    "Chante Moore This Moment Is Mine I Cry To Myself 1- This smile on my face, it shows everyday So no one ever really knows how i really feel Am i really happy? There's things on my mind, cant talk about"
  • I belong to you - Hillsong
    "Open arms welcome me close to your heartand there I long to stayMercy Falls cleansing my heart with your lovewhiter than the snowI belong to youJesus my first loveYour everything i'm living forYour the"
  • I Like To Cuss - Rehab
    "Muthaf**ka I love to cuss Muthaf**ka I love to cuss Well, you can lick my ass and you can suck my balls Muthaf**ka I love to cuss Hey! Muthaf**k you too! Muthaf**ka I love to cuss! 85 more been riding"

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