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  • Master of ceremony - Bad Company
    "Some People Like To Rock Some People Like To RollSome People Like To Walk Some People Like To RideSome People Like To Fly Some People Prefer The Train RideIs Sixteen Coaches LongYeah The Train Ride Is"
  • Angels in the night - Basshunter
    "You are my light in the darkYou are the beating in my heartBut that is not enough, will I ever be by your sideYour hair is dancing in the windYour eyes are burning up my skinAnd I'm so happy when I see,"
  • Promised land - Avantasia
    "Hey redeemerNow what's become on metaken in by promiseawakening in griefCollecting us like puppetsyou instrumentalizeA frigid trepidationin a million puppet eyesGod gave his word just to let us downWhere"
  • Welcome to the family - A Day To Remember
    "We're finally alone at lastOh how I've waited for this day to comeThere's just something about you that rubs me wrongYou're not worth my attentionI built this with my own two handsIf you could spare me"
  • ???? - Penicillin
    "I LOVE YOU ==Romanized Japanese== ai ni kitzuite kudasai boku ga dakishimete ageru yume mo namida mo wasurete kimi wo motomete ita daremo shiranai sekai de boku ga sasayaite ageru mado"
  • Feels like home - Glenn Hughes
    "It's been so longHow the time it slips awayAnd I don't know how long I've been goneAnd I feel strongAnd I only want to saySleepin' on my pillow in a velvet dreamNow you know what I was wishing forLookin'"
  • So sad - Ellegarden
    "I woke up from the dream of the good days I was inI took you home and you slept next to meIn the morning I could smell the eggs you cooked for meWe were sure it'd last until we dieYou asked me if I'd ever"
  • I'm ready - Fats Domino
    "Well, I'm ready, I'm willin', and I'm able to rock and roll allnightI'm ready, I'm willin', and I'm able to rock and roll all nightCome on, pretty baby, we gonna rock, we gonna roll until thebroad daylightBecause"
  • Incident on a bridge - Lady Sovereign
    "It Began in the Underground, With Visions of Light and Soundthe Music Revealing the Deepest PassionAround Us a River Raged, Still I Knew That the Scene Was StagedAwaiting the Consequence, I Don't Believe"
  • Am i sleeping - Miley Cyrus
    "Am I sleepin or am I awakeWhat makes you think you can treat me this wayI have waited for you all of my lifeFinally your here for meYou'll seeYour not the person I thought you to beFankly I can't see that"

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