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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot

  • One more shot - Rolling Stones
    "Uh baby, I got a message for you You got me doing something I thought I’d never will do Give me one more, one more shot And it’s all I got Give you one more shot And take me back I’m all yours Jack Yeah"
  • Cotton-Eye Joe - Rednex
    "If it hadn't been for cotton-eye joe I'd been married long time ago Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from cotton-eye Joe? If it hadn't been for cotton-eye joe I'd been married"
  • I Shot Reagan - Suicidal Tendencies
    "I shot Reagan I shot Sadat I'm gonna shoot you dead in heaven you'll rot You're gonna rot in heaven, hear an Angels voice You're too bad for hell although it's your first choice Rot in heaven, you're"
  • Take a shot - Millionaires
    "bang bang take a shot boys & girls let's play a game yeah yeah here's the thang i'm the one that you want to claim Just fall in love don't be ashame love it when you scream my name baby baby dont be lame so"
  • Take A Shot - Lovex
    "Shot Take a shot Shot I see a thousand corridors And I've walked through them all Nowhere an open door I'm imprisoned by my love Restrained by the fears Affection turned into tears There's a part of"
  • Got Shot Down - Shades Apart
    "stitched up like a wounded soldier rain falls on my parade any time i get the nerve to ask her it two heartbeats too late guys in shiny ties and gq hairdos play every angle right designer suits and foreign"
  • Shot Me Down - Nazareth
    "I was feelin' good, kinda high and cruisin' I was tryin' to forget someone I had been losin' Then you came along, surprise, surprise You shot me down I was lyin' crashed out on the ground You shot me down I"
  • Somebody Shot Jesus - Somersault
    "Somebody shot Jesus down When he was asking for the ladies room They flushed him down the toilet bin The rest of him was an awkward gleam Could see the world now from another side As he swam down the"
  • Shot Of Love - PJ Harvey
    "( Music Of The Millennium Awards ) I need a shot of love I need a shot of love. Don't need a shot of heroin to kill my disease Don't need a shot of turpentine, to bring me to my knees Don't need a shot"
  • Hot Shot Gambler - Sweet
    "I've been much too long in this old casino Run out of money and luck I gotta find a way to that lucky number Hey buddy can you give me a bop A fortune lost when the dice was tosed Spinning the wheel was"

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