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12 krzese������������������������������������������������������ bodo

  • Apollo 12 - Laurel Aitken
    "This is our sensation, all over the nation! Read all about it! read all about it! Skinhead invasion! This one is called apollo 12 Leaving from shanty town to brixton Sheggae, reggae, jeggae, reggae, sheggae Is"
  • 12 Noon - Plasmatics
    ""Hello?" As of 12 noon tomorrow, say good-bye to the world as you know it "Hello?" Say good-bye too... Neutron bombs, and chemical food Cowboy politics, and man on the moon Murder, and rape, and chemical"
  • 12 groszy - Kazik
    "12 groszy, tylko nie płacz proszę 12 groszy w zębach tu przynoszę x4 Partyzanci Broz-Tity wyzwolili Jugosławię Bez pomocy Sowietów. Awantura na zabawie Ci z sąsiedniej wsi zaczęli, myśmy skończyli "
  • 12 Discipulos - vico c
    "Bueno, pueblo!Aqu estn los 12 discpulos!Fueron muchos los llamados!Pero 12 los escogidos!Como decir que vale la pena seguir viviendo!Hasta que nos llegue la ultima cena! Quitate tu pa ponerme yoVamos a"
  • 12:00 - Marques Houston
    "Its ya boi M.H. [1st verse: Joe Budden] Ok I got my madden name in check, outfit check. No need to iron, might need to iron. Put these jewels on, its likely they'll be ion. Ask mami dancin beside me if"
  • 12 o'clock - KAT - TUN
    "Check check, ah ah, you ready? Right. DROP IT. 1 o'clock, I woke up late, still hung over from the night before, wait 2 o'clock, I'm ready to leave, final check in the mirror, I look like shit, haha 3"
  • 12 Milioni - Matteo Branciamore
    "Dico di no ma poi non so vivere bene se non ho il suono delle tue parole, le tue idee tu dici sempre che non so capirti a fondo proprio no il nostro amore cara a volte illogico 12 milioni di miliardi"
  • 12 Souls - Sigh
    "bloodstains covered everything in the house nobody knows what happened here, nobody knows... the truth may be buried, but cannot be forgotten for the truth is a curse, to the one who knows it... only"
  • Chapter 12 - Modern English
    "Have you seen the book today It's full of lies again Your name stands out so clear The signature is there It's always true This book they write for you They'll never let you be yourself today Have"
  • 12:51 - The Strokes
    "Spoke to me now im older yer friends okay cuz i told her friday nite's so damn lonely change yer plans a damn for me we can go and get forties fuck goin to that party im really not fixed so i went out"

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