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  • Communicate - B 52s
    "Let loose Before it causes problems Let loose Before it tears you apart Let loose Let loose You gotta reach out-reach out and touch someone You gotta reach out-reach out and touch someone Boy (oh girl)"
  • Whammy kiss - B 52s
    "I need a refueling I need your kiss Come on now and Plant it on my lips Whammy kiss me Whammy hug Revitalize me Give me whammy love Yeah! On Planet X-oh it Won't be long now I got a light year to Get to"
  • Wig - B 52s
    "What's that on your head? A wig Wig, wig, wig Sally's gotta wig Ricky's gotta wig Baby's gotta wig Kate's gotta wig Fred's gotta cheap toupee Keith's gotta big bouffant on We all got wigs, so let's go!"
  • Cosmic thing - B 52s
    "Gyrate it till you had your fill Just like a pneumatic drill Don't let it go down the drain Ya better hop on the cosmic wagontrain! Cosmic! Cosmic! I was havin' this out-of-body experience Saw these cosmic"
  • Dance this mess around - B 52s
    "Remember when you held my hand Remember when you were my man Walk talk in the name of love Before you break my heart Think it over, think it over Roll it over in your mind Why don't you dance with me I'm"
  • Dancing now - B 52s
    "Love is goneBut just for a whileIt's full speed ahead Now I can smileYou twisted my heartWith your wicked planBut I saw the signsBefore I, I melted in your handsI finally broke through - dancin' nowBefore"
  • Deadbeat club - B 52s
    "I was good, I could talk A mile a minute, On this caffeine buzz I was on We were really hummin' We would talk every day for hours We belong to the deadbeat club Anyway we can, We're gonna find something"
  • Debbie - B 52s
    "Radio operator to the towerDebbie's comin' in for a landingOh put your head between your kneesCaused by the vibrations of loveThey're about to shake me to pieces(chorus)Shell-shocked supersonic blondeHyperphonic"
  • Deep sleep - B 52s
    "Walking backwards into the seaBodies, Angels, like musical peaksDreamed up by you and me in our sleepYou come walking over pillows and sheetsWalking backwards into the nightCaught tight in the sheetsOur"
  • Detour thru your mind - B 52s
    "Your brain is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of moods and colors We walk to the park, but it's melting in the dark All of a sudden your mood changes and your face looks like a cake Left out in the rain"

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