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A Spoon Full of Sugar

  • Sugar - Youngstown
    "Verse 1: I never knew What that honey could do She was a mystery. Somebody fooled around And landed in love, And that somebody was me B- Verse: She gave me chocolate covered kisses With her candy coated"
  • Sugar - Kid Rock
    "Hard to remember If anything was real Cold like December And I don't like how that feels I been livin' a long time I been givin' a long time too And I can't believe I wasted so much time on you But time"
  • Sugar - Bikini Kill
    "O, baby, I want ya You're so fuckin' big You're so big and hard You've got such a big cock Push it in deeper now O, deeper, harder I'm almost cummin' I'm almost cummin' O, sugar! I can almost reach my"
  • Sugar - Heather Nova
    "On the Vermont Transit Bus I leaned my arm into a little chink of sun, Going somewhere older than I was, Strapped into something tight, keeping me small. I dug into you like rock climbing; Too scared of"
  • Sugar - Surf Curse
    "I look like shit but I feel even worse In the tired times When my body finally can get hurt I look like hell cuz I'm going there first My god you are such a looker Tell me you love me and give me some"
  • Sugar - Aaron Carter
    "Right Right Girl, I know what you're thinking You need some answers in your heart tonight Girl, I'm here to make it different It's the precious sweeten of your life Let your hair down Let your guard"
  • Sugar - Buzz Poets
    "She misses, and she kisses the night. Sweet as sugar. Cool summer delight of silver and glitter. Cool crystal, she floats out of sight, and her fragile sprirt, sails the wind like a kite. She's flying,"
  • Sugar - Thirsty Merc
    "No sugar coming my way It's your way on the highway No loving in the daylight No rubbing in the dark night I just want some affection In my direction I don't care what the people say No sugar coming my"
  • Sugar - Tonic
    "Come on baby get your shoes on You're looking like you need a rescue Underneath the southern moonlight Where only I can find you We can do it with our eyes closed We can sit and talk for hours Underneath"
  • Sugar - Karmin
    "Saw ya out by the pool on the 8th of July Didn't think much about it at the time Didn't know that I have to cross this line Didn't know, didn't know I remember the guy who lost his pants Took the hit and"

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