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Akon play

  • Play - Lorie
    "J'oublie le monde autour juste 5 minutes Le temps d'couter une love, une love song A la fin de l'histoire j'vite la chute Sur mes ides noires une love, une love song "ON ! ON" prends de la hauteur "ON"
  • Play - Krooked K
    "(Chorus) Gamers starin' at the t.v set. Play that (Lemmie see that NES) Gamers starin' at the t.v set. Play that (Lemmie see that Genises) Ah come play with me, come play with me, come play with me Some"
  • Play - Stephen Fretwell
    "There must be something in the water tonight Little girl you just don't feel right Stand and deliver, get rid of that shiver Don't you think I feel the cold too? Hey, hey Hey Hey, don't be so hard on"
  • Play - Rudimentary Peni
    "(Rock and Roll beast is dead, ?but your ungle must be fades?) Come on everybody join your hands Come in everybrain clap new bands Come in everybody clap your hands Come on everybrain join new bands We"
  • Play - Ephemera
    "If I don't fit in That's my problem And it's not the mold Surrounding me That has to adapt If I lose out That's my decision And I don't need a crowd To guide me through this We'll cooperate fine together You"
  • play - Gizmo WDP & Wiśnia Bakajoko
    "daj play przyciśnij i weź to wyślij Wiśni wymyśli taką zwrotę ze ci chłopie się nie przyśni jest hotel, pakuj hołotę tankuj gablotę, szykuję ci tu fotel zapalimy sobie liście przyszli marihuaniści cyknij"
  • Play - The Cure
    "Day after day I let you down Promise you to change Then change my mind And every time I promise you It will all be fine It won't be like this next time The days you wait Turn into years Always wait Helpless"
  • Play - Punchline
    "learn your lesson oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I hope that you're listening confusions, dismiss them your problems will solve them selves I'm runnin"
  • Play - Theatre of Tragedy
    "She fills the rich kitsch niche where she sits Making chit-chat, this and that, from the bits Consumed, perfumed, detracts the room despite Glowing, knowing she can head for the limelight She's too rich"
  • Play - LeToya
    "Intro:Work that flip, grind boy1st Verse:Hey baby, how you doingBeen a long timeI know you've been grindingCause you gotta shineSo boy what's up, you been on my mindTake a chick out, let her know what"

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