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  • Mary Brown - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI, Administered by Bug Music) Well my name is Charlie Thomas and I'm as good a man as you And for the love of Mary Brown there's nothin' that I won't do Well her husband"
  • California Snow - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin/Tom Russell (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI, and Frontera Music, ASCAP, administered by Bug Music) Im just tryin to make a livin Im an old man at thirty-nine With two kids and an ex-wife Who moved"
  • Rio Grande - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin/Tom Russell (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI/Frontera Music, ASCAP) I guess she put her blue dress on And walked out late last night Left one silk stocking Dangling from the bedside light I sobered"
  • My Coo-Ca-Choo - Alvin Stardust
    "Coo coo I just want you Really love the things that you do Come on and love-a-me too Oh won't you be my coo-ca-choo Sweetness I like ya dress I love the way you know you're the best I'm in love and I'm"
  • Talk Don't Bother Me - Alvin Lee
    "Talk don't bother me Don't care what people say Anyway that you take me Don't matter anyway 'Cause I live the life I choose Found a way to cure the blues With the woman I love I can't change my mind I"
  • Pocket - Alvin Grisham
    "x Mane look at my pocket I ain't gonna stoppin look at my pocket, look at my pocket., look at my pocket I ain't gonna stoppin look at my pocket look at my pocket look at my pocket I ain't gonna stoppin"
  • Everett Ruess - Dave Alvin
    "I was born Everett Ruess I been dead for sixty years I was just a young boy in my twenties The day I disappeared. Into the Grand Escalante Badlands Near the Utah and Arizona line And they never found"
  • Red Dress - Alvin Stardust
    "Who's the little raider Knockin' 'em dead on the floor Well she's a proper little baiter Man I can't take anymore. She drives a man insane Lock-a my heart in chains. I'm alike a ball on fire But I can't"
  • Outside My Window - Alvin Lee
    "Outside my window, rain fallin' down Call for my woman, nowhere around I hear laughter out in the hall Outside my window I see nothin' at all How long I wonder, can this go on? I had it all, now it is"
  • Long White Cadillac - Dave Alvin
    "Night wolves moan The winter hills are black I'm all alone Sitting in the back Of a long white Cadillac Headlights shine Highway fades to black I'll take my time In a long white Cadillac In a"

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