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Asle beck

  • Cut 1/2 Blues - Beck
    "I thought I heard a chainsaw rather late last night I woke this mornin' and I knew I was right I got the cut-in-half blues well the last thing I saw was the big long saw I got the cut-in-half blues I knew"
  • Bogusflow (version 2) - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Bogusflow (version 2) Bogusflow (version 2) / kcrw radio appearance 1994 Monkey see, monkey die Laminate your face And paste it up into the sky 'cuz it's squalid and it's solid and"
  • Mystery Song #1 - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Mystery Song #1 Baby i can't make it straight My boots got stuck and i can't wait You're the one who's got no tongue Look and see which way it's run Man alive, i can't drive my too big"
  • Twig - Beck
    "(beck speaking:) (ya know how it is It's like, my lady's gone, y'know... I just let my twig fly in the wind You know it's like the branch broken It's like, I let my twig fly in the wind Sometimes I need"
  • Cut In Half Blues (version 2) - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Cut In Half Blues (version 2) Some folks get their kicks steppin on ants Some folks fall for love and romance Some like to roll in the mud and laugh My baby just likes to cut people"
  • Waitin' For A Train - Beck
    "Beck Stereopathetic Soulmanure Waitin' For A Train (song written by Jimmie Rodgers and performed by Ken) : I'm an alien from another sphere. The thing I like about the earth is the range of colours"
  • Will I Be Ignored By The Lord? - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Will I Be Ignored By The Lord? When i was born, lot's of people sayin' i looked like a dead man But to them there was no kindness And so i came into the world with my hands in my jacket Made"
  • The Vagabond - Beck
    "(with air) Golden waves in all directions, I could lose my soul right here Colour lights on the runway makes a stranger feel unchained I'm running after time & I miss the sunshine Summer days will come,"
  • Fuckin' With My Head - Beck
    "Beck Mellow Gold Fuckin' With My Head I ain't got no inclination Give away my sweet sensation Sleepin in an old toolshed Scumbag cryin' on his pillow When you wanna be with me, then we will see Who's"
  • Muther Fucker - Beck
    "Beck Mellow Gold Muther Fucker She took me off my guard with disappointment I got sucked inside of her apartment She's got dried-up flowers, flakey skin A beaded necklace and a bottle of gin She's"

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