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  • Ballad Of Mr. Snake - Kevin Ayers
    "When the angostura runs a little low And your gin has lost that soft and roosy glow And time is rushing by, but it seems slow Just live dangerously once before you go If you take the bite right out of"
  • Blue - Kevin Ayers
    "yo listen up here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside blue his house with a blue little window and"
  • Ballad Of A Salesman Who Sold Himself - Kevin Ayers
    "There was moonlight and laughter That danced on the sands And bloodstained pianos Are played without hands Such a promising music Sweet whispers and dreams From a travelling window, The salesman who"
  • View From The Mountain - Kevin Ayers
    "As the doors all close And the wind blows rows And the moonlight flows Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere. As the stars collide And the horsemen glide And my mind just slides Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere. And the"
  • That's What You Get Babe - Kevin Ayers
    "Dead words scattered round the room like dust Daggers and knives that have started to rust One more battle fought in the name of love. Tears and blood splattered over the wall Broken bits and pieces up"
  • Where Do I Go From Here - Kevin Ayers
    "Where do I go from here, and is it far? Why was I born with a wish to touch a star? Why can't I leave things alone, and as they are? Ooh, baby, can you take the pain, I'm hurting you once again; I"
  • Given And Taken - Kevin Ayers
    "So I give my heart to you though I can't be sure you won't take it and break it and hurt me I've been hurt so many times before We can play those games of love like other people do but that's not me or"
  • Idiots - Kevin Ayers
    "It's getting crazier in every way; We've got the same kind of idiots as yesterday. They were chosen by more idiots They're one of a kind They'll steal your life, But they'll never get mine Cause I'm gonna"
  • Super Salesman - Kevin Ayers
    "Swell, they call me the super salesman 'cause selling is all I do. I've got an endless stash Of expensive trash I want to sell to you-- 'cause I'm a super salesman Super super salesman; I'm a super salesman, That's"
  • Money, Money, Money - Kevin Ayers
    "Nothing comes easy You've got to put your money down Never let your honey down, When she's on your side. You want love, they want houses, Better dig in your trousers Put your money where your mouth is Pull"

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