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Backlev, glasgow

  • Eight Days Of Hell - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    "Wasting away the better part of the day In the bus on the docks of the UK We walked down the street on that all Hallows Eve But couldn't wait to get back to the US of A The torture of eight days straight Without"
  • Big dipper - Jethro Tull
    "The mist rolls off the beaches: the train rolls into the station. Weekend happiness seekers --- pent-up saturation. Well, we don't mean anyone any harm, we weren't on the Glasgow train. See you at the"
  • Waking The Lion - Spirit Of The West
    "(Kelly/Mann) The Saint Andrews' Cross The slate rooves and the chimney pots Are dirty against the snow Speeding away from Glasgow A carriage with a view The holiday makers are few The off-season beats"
  • Lydia - Her Space Holiday
    "I'm losing my mind in a record amount of time Is it all in my head? These ghosts in the hall ways, and mirrors, and under my bed In each town I find there's always a graveyard near by I'm taking here"
  • For Britain Only - Alice Cooper
    "We blasted Glasgow Invaded France Assaulted Sweden Took down our pants And lovely England My little kitten Deliriously Black widow Bitten For Britain only Only for Britain, yeah For Britain only Only for"
  • Maggie - Cracker
    "Lazybones, c'mon get your beautiful ass out of bed It's half past noon, and I been calling you since 11 a.m. You're everything I ever wanted But I'm half of what you need You knew that I was damaged,"
  • Shit British Tour - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Brighton- They stood at the bar, London- Too stuck up, Cornwall- Too far to go. Shit tour, we should have stayed at home, I don't wanna go on no shit British tour no more. Retford- Tight promoter, Liverpool-"
  • For Britain Only (UK Single) - Alice Cooper
    "Alice Cooper Miscellaneous For Britain Only (UK Single) We blasted Glasgow Invaded France Assaulted Sweden Took down our pants And lovely England My little kitten Deliriously Black"
  • Scotland's Story - The Proclaimers
    "Michael McGrory from west Donegal You came to Glasgow with nothing at all You fought the landlord then the Africa Korps When you came to Glasgow with nothing at all Abraham Caplan from Vilnius you came You"
  • Down On The Dole - Spirit Of The West
    "The lorries roll through St. John Street And stir up the dust It never seems to settle nowadays There's a young man on the corner Just watch the rigs roll by He doesn't know how to drive And he can't"

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