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  • What - Santana
    "(John Bristol, Vernon Bullock, Harvey Fuqua) What does it take To win your love for me How can I make This dream come true for me Ooh I just got to know Oh baby cause I love you so I tried I tried I"
  • What? - Geto Boys
    "Nigga fuck, you! I put a hole in yo' head big enough to drive a truck through Buck you gon' see some red shit Cause I'ma "whoops upside yo' head," bitch! Hungry for war, heart palpitate, I salivate I want"
  • What - Marvelous 3
    "Quite some time, I've seen her out on the floor. Somebody asked is she crazy, in her monotronic world. But baby, I know you've had your relief. So much you gave up your life for a spoon and a knife. So"
  • What - Magic
    "Presedntial Campaign We have an APB on a 51-50 mental patient named Mr. Magic... He hasn't taken his medication... He is considered armed and crazy... See, I'm a cool nigga - just don't get me mad I"
  • What - Stereomud
    "within this hour he'll be higher maybe more than he has ever been won't be his last time he lights the fire to pretend this is something that will never end too tired to wait for tomorrow what takes"
  • What!!! - Labyrinth
    "Everyone's looking for a direction to Follow to reach the skies on our heads But it's not for free,what do you think to give? There's a price you have to pay in this life. Tears are falling from a heaven"
  • What? - Emo Side Project
    "sitting in my living room trying to get the nerve to pick up the phone and call you and say "hello" and tell what you are to me and say "without you i'm nothing" and "i want you to be your boyfriend""
  • What - Dionysus
    "I have never been so worried as I am today I'm thinking of the way we're movin? closer to the end There?s no turning back this time How can we survive a crime like this? Cause there will be nothing left If"
  • What? - The Move
    "What is that strange air in the sky Why should a strange star pass me by How can they congratulate the people who destroyed the peace of mind The silly people just like you and better too How can they"
  • What - V6
    "(Rap) Whats cool? My posse Kinoaufuriwo shitemo wakariaenai sabishisa Itsumo kanjiteruyo Tell me why Sonna cooljanai joke Mawarini awasewarau Sometimes I feel bored Jibun jishinni kiiteru What is really"

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