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  • I'm every woman / Vogue - Ariana Grande
    "Whatever you want Whatever you need Anything you want done baby I do it naturally 'Cause I'm every woman (Every woman) It's all in me It's all in me Yeah Greta Garbo and Monroe Dietrich and DiMaggio Marlon"
  • It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings - En Vogue
    "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings Here's a flow An En Vogue hip-hop intro Time to rap talk about the info Pertaining to the four Who re-opened the harmony"
  • Hip Hop Lover - En Vogue
    "Hip hop, do it 'til you drop Don't stop - don't you ever stop This is it and you know I'm comin' free style To the club to see En Vogue I'll run a country mile Dope hat combat boots I'm"
  • Fallin In Love - En Vogue
    "Artist: En Vogue Album: Masterpiece Theatre Title: Falling In Love 1 - Falling in love It grabs me; it scares me It knows how to inform me Falling in love It takes me on a journey Of emotions deep inside"
  • Riddle - En Vogue
    "EN VOGUE "RIDDLE" One little riddle Two little three little Four little riddle Five little six little Seven little riddle Eight riddle riddle Now you know You gotta go One little riddle Two little three"
  • Silent Nite - En Vogue
    "Silent Nite You know that it's the time of year When certain things that you see and hear Remind you of the holidays When I hear, the bells ring I think of you, and I start to sing You hold me tight,"
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come - En Vogue
    "Someday my prince will come (Some day my prince will come) (Some day my i'll find my love) (Some day, some day) I said, some day my prince will come (Some day, some day) Oh oh oh yeah Someday my prince"
  • Stop - En Vogue
    "My clothes, my heart, my keys You actin' up, so baby please Step outta my way, no I think it's time to let it all go Let go of my arm, don't You made your bag of coffee 'Cause you were wrong And I don't"
  • Careful - En Vogue
    "Crying in the inside, so many men but so unhappy. I gave my love to any man who smiled at me. I played the game of love with no rules asnd when it was all over I was the fool. Some how I had to get it"
  • Dissed Him - En Vogue
    "HOOK I dissed him, now I miss him But I miss him because I dissed him But he done me wrong and I'm not that strong To resist him, so I kissed him Should I have kissed him when I dissed him? Should I"

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