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Bliźniaczki olsen

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Bliźniaczki olsen
  • Olsen&Fu Kameleon
    "Kameleon przemiana szalone tempo Świat gna wprzód nonstop a ty go nie goń Nie nadążysz każdy rok to kolejny przełom Nie daj się stresom bądź wierny swym ideom Wtórną schizofrenią można by nazwać Nasz"
  • Olsen&Fu Dwulicowa kurwo (feat. Paluch, Jongmen, Parzel, Ero)
    "Co to kurwa mówić Przecież prawda jest silniejsza Potrzebujesz tych słów, jak potrzebujesz powietrza Wsłuchaj się w ten bit Ty rozkminiasz ten dźwięk Dla ciebie bija te dzwony Bo nadchodzi twój dzień"
  • Olsen Twins Come as you are
    "Chorus:Come as you areExpress yourself anyway you chooseCome as you areAnd there's no way that you can loseNow it occurred tome not too long agoThat the styles we wear, well they come and goBut each and"
  • Olsen Twins Come on
    "Just like a hound dog snooping 'roundWe're keeping our noses close to the ground. Yeah!Just like a dog scratching at a fleaCan sit, still it would be agonyChorus:Let me show you rocks and rainbows, everything"
  • Olsen Twins Cookies
    "On Christmas day the Gingerbread man said"Ladyfingers be my wife.""Oh happy day, let's spread the word"Said the spatula to the knife.And when the baker heard the news, he cried"I know just what to do.""I"
  • Olsen Twins Critters
    "Those annoying little things (annoying little things)That grab your attention (grab your attention)By crawling into places,I wouldn't want to mentionThey should be taught some manners (taught some manners)Despite"
  • Olsen Twins Dancing your dreams
    "A prima ballerina, that's what I want to be.When I dance and close my eyes,This is what I see,ChorusWhite feathers, princess crowns,Satin shoes, and gorgeous gowns,I'll be Cinderella and you can be a queenSpin"
  • Olsen Twins Mom's song
    "Moms are special peopleThey hug you all the timeThey help you do a lot of thingsYou might be scared to tryThey take us to the playgroundThe movies and the zooMom, we're really luckyCause we've got youWhen"
  • Olsen Twins Monday morning
    "Hey Jack, Hey JillOh it feels like we're going uphillalong this Monday MorningSo much to get throughYou're catchin' up with me,I'm catchin' up with youFor the first best morningWhat'd you do on Friday"
  • Olsen Twins Moon bounce madness
    "Free falling out in spaceFlying high this is the placeGravity can't hold you downWhen your feet are off the groundWe're jumping and there's lots of roomMoon bounce madness in the afternoonWe jump down"

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