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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • I'm The Liar - Dri
    "I love life but I don't think life loves me I'll recreate my own reality The teachers and the preachers, they all lied to me There's no end to what a kid will believe You don't know what's going on You"
  • Under The Overpass - Dri
    "Hungry vets carrying signs to our shame Starving homeless soldiers And who's to blame? Once protected our freedom and our lives Now society has cut all ties Once trained to defend our rights At the risk"
  • They Don' Care - Dri
    "I got a letter in the mail just the other day Opened it up, this is what it had to say: "Wouldn't you please give us the pleasure Of having you at our table tonite? From, the donner family" We've been"
  • Drawn And Quartered - Dri
    "Come apart under stress Opened up, I won't confess Pulled apart, they're four of me Opened up, an oddity Changing with the times Like rolling with the punches Basing my decisions On theories and hunches All"
  • No End - Dri
    "Seasons change and they change you Round you go life, and then there you are Life is hard, you know the truth Old age creeps up, robs you of your youth Through sheer luck we survive I'm surprised that"
  • The Wages Of Sin - Dri
    "They force feed you love, then serve you hate What are they teaching? I just can't relate Altar boys are the victims he defiled He took advantage of the virgin child Got them drunk and told them what to"
  • Syringes In The Sandbox - Dri
    "There once was a park where the kids used to go But not anymore 'cause their parents all know There's junkies and whores and bums drinking beer And the tragic event that happened last year Two kids were"
  • Girl With A Gun - Dri
    "I don't trust that girl with a gun Something about a girl with a gun The way they fly off the handle Someone's gonna get hurt She's gonna hurt someone That girl's got a gun She's got a 28 She's got a 38 She's"
  • Dead Meat - Dri
    "You don't see the blood You don't see the pain You don't see the bolt Going through their brain You don't smell the death You don't hear their cries You don't see the fear Flashing in their eyes You feed"
  • You Say I'm Scum - Dri
    "I want to play my music As loud as i please I want to grow my hair Down to my knees I won't get a job And be punching your clock Won't be another number In you lay off slot You say I'm scum [8] I want"

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