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Chop Suey!');

  • Chop away - Izzy Stradlin
    "Ya put it on now, make it goToss the rest out, make it showYou don't need me anywayDon't matter I would sayYa got to get out, ya got to goCould be far off, even thoughYou don't need us all todayDon't matter"
  • Pork chop - Blondie
    "Ahh right, Yes right, It's about my hats What about them, they bring something out in me I don't want that something, I want my hats back You know we're supposed to be friends People who like each other"
  • Chop Shop - MxPx
    "He's got the cops, they're knocking down his door He left the murder weapon lying on the floor The sister's finally gone, now he's the only son It was a bloody day in Bremerton One stop, chop shop, somebody"
  • Chop Wood - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Getting There Chop Wood Written by kevin bacon Oh he was a cold cold man Touched him with a cold cold hand Raised him with an iron glove Down in the city of brotherly love There he"
  • The Chop - Baby Bash
    "This is aint nothing new to me Look at what they do to me Need to Chill, try to stop Did dirt with him, now I gotta buy tha chop (FIRSTVERSE) I'm with my momma in a car with ten and a half pounds No"
  • Tha Chop - Baby Bash
    "(Got away) Which way did he go? (Got away) Which way did he go? (Got away) Which way did he go? This is aint nothing new to me Look at what they do to me Need to chill, try to stop Did dirt with it"
  • Tha chop - Babybash
    "This ain't nothing new to me look at what can't do to me me to tell, try to stop didn't dirt with it now got to buy the chop i'm with my momma with a ten and a half pounds no DL's and an innocent"
  • Hassan Chop - King Just
    "("King Just" scratched up) (Chorus 2X) Hassan Chop! Yo, I can't stop Givin you that off the wall hip hop Hassan Chop! Yo, I can't stop This the type of shit that you pump on your block (King Just) Off"
  • Chop Shop - Gangsta Boo
    "" ay man check this joint right here out, man this joint cleaner than a man" "oooh that joint bangin dog" "check these 20's out on this bitch" "ooo wee where'd you get these things from?" "i got these"
  • Chop Suicide - Consumed
    "It's a part of me. It's just the way I am and I love the way, that it makes me feel today. It can be arranged, I can make you see, take a piece of mind and look inside of me. There is nothing better than"

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