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Come clarity

  • Moment Of Clarity - Jay-Z
    "(Woooooo) (Yeah) (Turn the music up turn the lights down i'm in my zone) Thank God for grantin me this moment of clarity This moment of honesty The world'll feel my truths Through my Hard Knock Life"
  • Moment Of Clarity - Caliban
    "I am willing to suffer, to bleed, to die for things I care about, But its like kissing the lips of my dead love, like touching her dead, cold, white skin. I choose to look back, to see myself, I never"
  • Clarity At Heights - Aphasia
    "So alone I know you never wanted me Cast the stone Into my reality And there's no way out of here Set the tone You always told me what to be I will follow through There's nothing left to lose Face the"
  • A Moment Of Clarity - Death
    "I would describe it as an invisible darkness Casting a shadow, A blinding black Guarded by hope, My soul is kept from The bloody claws Look beyond, What vision lets me see Time after time, Unneeded misery Holding"
  • A Moment Of Clarity - Without A Cross
    "Broken and bruised I feel used To realign Or give up on life I gave into What was never you To live with disease Or to destroy our lease on life No one will ever hear my message No one will ever care To"
  • Of BItterness and Clarity - Vesania
    "Command me not! I am the might that you'll never be What you've promised us to have after we're gone This we have here and now, for now is on forever They judgement day we're feared of Is the limitation"
  • I Swear On Clarity - The Awkward Romance
    "must have been a jigsaw single thoughts of loneliness curse my ride to golden eternity would prevail if we try. I feel dizzy like something grabbed hold and went all sadistic. I'm not sure if you're listening"
  • A Moment Of Clarity - Satyricon
    "Without beginning, Without the end (Our lifeblood) The road for the spiritual outlaws is never ending And so is the hunt for all those answers The devil may hold your truth, What a fucking relief it would"
  • Searching For A Former Clarity - Against Me!
    "No the doctors didn't tell you, that you were dying. They just collected their money, And sent you on your way. But you knew all along, went on pretending nothing was wrong, you said I will keep my focus,"
  • The Last Moment Of Clarity - BT
    "Life's a twisted road We unwind together Clouds uncover our sky Sitting in a couch made of sand The milky ring around the moon enchants me... I'm swimming through the tunnels of my mind../ The waves of"

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