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Couse i'm crazy

  • Crazy - Eiffel 65
    "I'm going crazy The colours I breathe Are the colours I need The people I see Are just people like me, yeah Because the things that I see Are not chosen by me The things that I see Are the things on TV coming"
  • Crazy - Norah Jones
    "Crazy Crazy, crazy for feeling so lonely I'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue I know, that love me as long as you want it and inside I know you would leave me for somebody new Worry, why do I let myself"
  • Crazy - Patty Griffin
    "CrazyI'm crazy for feeling so lonelyI'm crazyCrazy for feeling blueI know youLoved me as long as you wantedThen some dayLeft me for somebody newWorry, why do I let myself worry, babyWonderin' what in the"
  • Crazy - Hannes Wader
    "You just got outta the school last year, and all your friends ask,"Hey,what'cha doin' here?" Some how you just can't mix with kids your age. She knows whats she likes! I know you look much older now, But"
  • Crazy - Bon Jovi
    "JBJ: And now, and now, my personal favorite part of the show. I have the out most pleasure... I feel like Ed Sullivan right now, you know. The man behind the drums, who steals the show every year. Ladies"
  • Crazy - Andy Bell
    "I never felt this good before I could Be destroyed I don't know what you're looking for You'd better make some noise 'Cause my desire Is running down a city street Pull me up to the wire I'm driven by"
  • Crazy - Eternal
    "What they say They say I'm crazy when it comes to you (No matter what they say) (No words I know can keep me away from your love) (They say I'm crazy) This is why They see me walking down this lonely avenue"
  • Crazy - Birgit
    "Lyrics: birgit schuurman At school i never fitted in Just did not care when others did Did not want to belong Without it i felt strong I did not need confirmation They said she's strange But i'm just crazy It's"
  • Crazy - A1
    "The crazy things I heard you say I'm mad about you all the same I never really saw the crime Yet went ahead and served my time I never met someone like you before But sometimes that is not enough Cuz"
  • Crazy - Linda Ronstadt
    "I'm crazyCrazy for feeling so lonelyI'm crazyCrazy for feeling blueI know you'd love me as long as you wantedThen someday leave me for somebody newWorryWhy should I let myself worryWonderingWhat in the"

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