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D.O.D dope

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D.O.D dope
  • Warren G Dope Beat
    "I need a dope beat, a dope beat Just holler at your boy named Warren G(I wanna) A dope beat(with my), a dope beat Just holler at your boy named Warren G Y'all know me, the G from the 213 LBC, Regulatin,"
  • Berlin Dope Show
    "Hate today, no love for tomorrow We're all stars now in the dope show We're all stars now in the dope show There's a lot of pretty, pretty ones That want to get you high But all the pretty, pretty ones Will"
  • Dead Prez Sellin' Dope
    "Drugs oppress the people every day Sellin dope, servin weed we had to hustle to hustle just to eat Aint no hope in the streets, you broke you sell dope All my young niggaz outside hustlin coke Know the"
  • Johnta Austin Dope Fiend
    "Ha, You know girl, This just aint that normal kind of love, you know? It's, it's different, you know? (oh baby) its um (said I need you baby) You know its something like Something I've never had before,"
  • Weezer Dope Nose 
    "Debt on my head Wasting time on my own Sleep, rescue me Take me back to my home For the times that you wanna go and Bust rhymes real slow I'll appear, slap you on the face, and Enjoy the show Cheese"
  • Weezer Dope Nose
    "Hohhh Aah-ah ohhh, Aah-ah ohhh, Ohh ohh ohh Dead, on my head Wasting time, on my own Sleep, rescue me Take me back, to my home (Oh take me home) For, the times That you wanna go, and Bust rhymes real"
  • The Lox Dope Money
    "Intro: What, what You over there Styles? Yeah dog Second album nigga, real L.O.X. Blaze We run the streets, yall know who to bet (C'mon) F**k yall niggas (Let's go) Verse One: Couldn't live the life"
  • Master P Dope Mann
    "Don't try this at home if you ain't no real hustler I'm like Betty Crocker in the kitchen The Ice Cream Man back, you lil' boys been fuckin the game up But just watch and listen and you might get paid "
  • Nina Hagen Dope Sucks
    "(Submitted by Tim DuFour) Dope sucks! (x8) Don't want to put on a narcotic revolution Don't want to push it on a dead end street I hate to see you running round in circles Don't want to catch you with"
  • T.I. Dope Boyz
    "Ay, ay, ay, what you need shawty Ay shawty man a I got 5 for 45 shawty, 5 for 45 Well shit what you need shawty Ay these these bd's right here shawty Ay this that this that noyd too shawty You can't get"

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