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Deph loop

  • Strange Loop - LIZ PHAIR
    "The fire you like so much in me Is the mark of someone adamantly free But you can't stop yourself from wanting worse 'Cause nothing feeds a hunger like a thirst Baby, I'm tired of fighting I always wanted"
  • The Loop - Morrissey
    "Un ... deux ... Un, deux, trois ... I just wanna say I haven't been away I am still right here Where I always was So one day, if you're bored By all means call me Because you can do (Only if you"
  • The Loop - Tiger Army
    "(Morrissey cover) I just wanna say I haven't been away I'm still right here Where I always was So one day, if you're bored By all means call Because you can do (But only if you want to) I just"
  • Free Loop - Daniel Powter
    "I'm a little used to calling outside your name I wont see you tonight so I can keep from going insane But I don't know enough, I get some kinda lazy day Hey yeah I've been fabulous through to fight my"
  • Lady Loop - ALO
    "I hear you talkin' out the right side I hear you talkin' out the left side I hear you talk about the way things ought to be I gotta figure out your angle I got the feelin' that you're no angel Your preachin'"
  • Flute Loop - The Beastie Boys
    "So, so, so just sit back and max and relax. Off the tracks that I kick come on and give it up cause I get funky like diaper rash and You know I'm mad spunky and I'm makin' cash I've got sex rhymes like"
  • The Loop - Phantom/Ghost
    "and then you said that you loved him like I said I loved her And we both thought without them we'll be going nowhere and still your managers call me in the dead of the night telling me if I'd sign that we"
  • Loop di love - DJ
    "Madl, du hast so schne Augn; da steht was drin, des tt mir taugn. Bis Mitternacht samma no brav, aber dann mach ma loop di love. Du bringst mei Herz total auf Tourn, und i erober di im Sturm. Dei Stimm"
  • Loop De Li - Bryan Ferry
    "You wake up where are you What's on your mind? Confusion can't face it You close your eyes There's no one to turn to No where to hide Deep river cool water Your love has died Well I know and you know,"
  • The Moebius Loop - Peter Hammill
    "Indecision and uncertainty catch you now as they never have before... ''(Catch you as they never have before)'' how come you didn't recognise the revolving door? ''(The revolving door, the revolving door...)'' Are"

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