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  • Doubt. Fear. Desolation - Advent
    "Go, go away Get away, get away Go away, get away Get away from me These demons that I fight Keep screaming back at me, back at me These skeletons in my closet Keep screaming back at me, they keep torturing And"
  • Child Of Desolation - Virgin Steele
    "[ MUSIC AND LYRICS BY DAVID DEFEIS ] Children forlorn, victims of the Daimon within Oaths made in Violence, punishment in turn There is no Light to guide me on my long and painful Road I wait in Silence,"
  • Aeons Of Desolation - Sear Bliss
    "The wind sighed among the trees The fallen leafs crackled On the sleeping landscape It was a sad, still voice And I hear, only I hear it The only human being in the night Among the hungry shadows Who"
  • Plains of desolation - Infernal
    "I should not Proclaim such mysteries Deaths cold breath Is still in my lungs For Ive just returned From desolate lands Where the mourning Of endless days is heard Midnight, when fear Awakes in our souls"
  • Pure Northern Landscape Desolation - Sorcier Des Glaces
    "From the Night of Cold Winter Shadows In the Kingdom of Pure Northern Desolation Throughout Primitive Forests, up in the Mountain Frost Light faded once again for the Twilight Moon My Travels are Endless"
  • Fields Of Desolation '99 - Arch Enemy
    "On the fields of desolation We are all alone Crying in each others arms In fear of the unknown Feelings of uncertainty We are all doomed To live in solitude And never ending gloom On the fields of desolation Eternal"
  • All The World Is Desolation - Unknown Artist
    "All the World Is Desolation All the world is desolation Sad and quiet as the tomb. Father has a penile stricture, Mother has a droopy womb. Sister Amy was aborted For the forty-second time; Cousin Hymie"
  • Desolation Valley / Waves (US Mix) - Nektar
    "Take a look around yourself and see what I see Persecuted eyes, looking down on me I can't take no more of what I took before Help me please I'm falling down Desolation Valley Take a look around yourself and"
  • From Unknown Lands Of Desolation - Deathspell Omega
    "Our skies are forever black Here is no signs of life at all For burning spirits we are Consuming your small universe Slowly but surely No one believes in us We came from realms of Hell No eyes can"
  • Men's Needs - The Cribs
    "Have you noticed I've never been impressed By your friends from New York and London? I'll level, accusations like the press til you realise that you've dressed yourself in tatters Because a man's needs,"

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