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EZ Livin

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EZ Livin
  • Kottonmouth Kings Livin' proof
    "Yeah check one, this is rip-hop, punk rock hip-hop, original style,Kottonmouth Kings subnoize music, the next movement We're livin proof, we risk it all we crash and fall, we break through wallswe're livin"
  • Uriah Heep Easy Livin'
    "This is a thing I've never known before It's called easy livin' This is a place I've never seen before And I've been forgiven Easy livin' and I've been forgiven Since you've taken your place in my heart Somewhere"
  • Atom And His Package He Kissed Me (Nice and EZ)
    "it was new year's eve and i was all but wary. then my girl she decided to smooch mary. no one to smooch i would not be caught dead. then into the picture steppedmy good friend greg. he kissed me. the"
  • Uriah Heep Easy livin
    "This is a thing I've never known before - it's called easy livin'This is a place I've never seen before - and I've been forgivenEasy livin' and I've been forgiven - since you've taken your place in my"
  • Fastway Easy Livin'
    "Raising like the Mary from below the sea She's got easy livin' Dancin' in the evening till a quarter to three She's got easy livin' She's never had a worry She's never in a hurry Slithers like a snake"
  • Eddy Ain't livin
    "I looked for trouble and found it son Straight down the barrel of a lawmans gun Id try to run but I dont think I can If I move Im a dead man Aint livin long like this I cant live at all like this can I"
  • Edge Of Sanity Livin hell
    "Twisted mind, malesting your own seed. Yeah, bastard father you make me puke!! "Your own flesh and blood" You're killing your own breed to satisfy Your macabre needs. She's afraid to tace The outside worl."
  • Joe Ely Hard Livin'
    "Well you can call out the sheriff and the highway patrol There's a fool on the road careening out of control Hard liquor, fast women, Lord, I can't leave 'em be I wish hard livin' didn't come so easy to"
  • C-Murder Livin legend
    "Master P: Yo, C I'd like to mourn the dead (Kevin Miller) And acknowledge the livin' Know like they say You can tell a nigga How you feel when they here This is for all those livin stars out there The"
  • Hank Locklin Livin' Alone
    "(Living alone living alone) I may be wealthy with more than my share I may be able to go anywhere I may own a kingdom and sit on a throne still I'll be lonely while I'm livin' alone I can follow the bright"

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