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Early morling

  • Early Hours - ArrDee
    "Early hours of the morning I can hear the birds chirping But we ain’t stopping till we falling Wanted some more and I earned it Uh, put the work in She was bad underneath Look good on the surface Uh,"
  • Early Spring - Emo Side Project
    "there's some things that i can't say when i talk to you ive been thinking recently about you im throwing myself off this cliff because i can't believe i have you and all i want is what you want and"
  • Early November - Fat Amy
    "(R.J. Johnson/Guiney/Reedy) Feel the glow from the lampshade, its the shadow that shows his age He's an old man with a weathered soul, who burned to live before he got far too old he tells stories to fill"
  • Early Birdie - Owl City
    "Good evening shuttle bus Tell me where you're going to take us Someplace that I have never been It's chic transportation to new destination Where I leave my reflection on the glass I'd ask but we don't"
  • Early Grave - Architects
    "I've been out for so long, days slipped by again And I can't sleep since I stopped caring I'll stay out until my lungs bleed And I can't tell daylight from streetlights anymore As he cast his shadow"
  • Early Grave - Betzefer
    "I am I am Torment, bone and flesh I am Breeding Bleeding For something I can't stand And I change sometimes, A few opinions Anything that ever crossed my mind And I'm thinking too much And I can't take"
  • Early Mornings - 28 Days
    "Lets Go! Early mornings make me angry And routine takes away the very essence of the day But when reflection shows a need for the latter then it matters So I don't waste away Waste away Waste away I don't"
  • Early Retirement - Mac Dre
    "(Verse 1) I'm doper than a Bobby Brown piss test Bitches blow me till they ain't got no spit left Do it movin' cause slow niggaz get left Get left and miss the game like a sick ref A quick left and a overhand"
  • Early Years - Eminem
    "(Stan:) Dear eminem is your mother is a slob or do you have to see me in public... (50 Cent) Ooh,now she's scared.now shes scared because i didnt let you know--(WHAT?!) oh now shes putting the -----"
  • Early Morning - Samiam
    "Pale face get up. Hollow eyes get up. Youe got a secret for me, youe out running your age. It in your hand: neat pack of euphoria. It devastating and youe pleased. Disease. Hairline endurance, biting intelligence. How"

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