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Electrafixion Timebomb

  • T.I.M.E.B.O.M.B - The (International) Noise Conspiracy
    "how fucked am i, and if we slave like this, do we really deserve to die? of course we're tired but reward awaits on the mythical otherside untouchable, and always out of touch, yeah how dead are we"
  • Lowdown - Electrafixion
    "It's the twists and turns Of the cigarette burns The holes in the mind Of the nebulous mass Forget ________ Or you don't learn The debt between mine And the hole in your past I'm the dust Of someone's"
  • Mirrorball - Electrafixion
    "All the world is sleeping I can close my eyes What's the darkness keeping One more time to die I want to be redeemed I need a new surprise Feeling good for nothing Tastes like solid rain Feel the same"
  • Never - Electrafixion
    "Feeling sick And i need a fix The one won't get ________________ The lights are on In heaven no one's home I need to tell Of how i fell Into a one way No hold's spell I thought i had the answers Now"
  • Sister Pain - Electrafixion
    "Hey little sister pain Scarred with the taste of angels My little keeper of pain Hanging over my dark craddle Shoot Can i be forgiven Shoot Can i be forgiven Stay with me Stay with me, yeah Stay with"
  • Too Far Gone - Electrafixion
    "Heaven come on Don't try to catch me When i fall I don't belong You won't even hear me When i call Touch down There's no warning Just my spirit falling Falling Something's wrong You don't want to hear The"
  • Zephyr - Electrafixion
    "Can you be the one To help me understand myself The one and only one Is it you and no one else Can you shoot the veins That others only dream about Can you light the fire When all my flames are dying"
  • Bed Of Nails - Electrafixion
    "On this burning Burning bed of nails Touched the needle Got the need Tables turning Turning under me Open up And let it bleed Out of the black In to night Into the dark and hollow rain Out of the black In"
  • Feel My Pulse - Electrafixion
    "What goes up Must come down What's been lost Can't be found So feel my pulse There's somthing there You feel my pulse I'm sick with it Sick with it Sick with it Yeah, yeah yeah Yeah, yeah Way in And"
  • Divebomb - Feeder
    "Do you see what you wanna see? When you reset sixty-three? I can't even believe it, I'm waking, chip protected Divebomb! Time's gone! Divebomb! Time's gone! Checking, checking the statements Dreading"

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