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  • Solid Booze - Falco
    "And we are growing along spiritual lines Will never mean we should stop to have big fun time Oh oh oh Should it be for the very first of all to pray and to report it to your next in an effective way But"
  • Sand Am Himalaya - Falco
    "Come on, come on Das Licht ging aus Und du dachtest schon dich streift ein Bus Oder war's ihr Kuss-Twilight-Zone Abgehoben ist die Welt von Heut Ob zu zweit oder Am Canapee bei Sigmund Freud Zu, zu immer"
  • Do It Again - Falco
    "In the mornin' you go gunnin' For the man who stole your water And you fire 'till he is done in But they catch you at the border And the mourners are all singin' As they drag you by your feet But the hangman"
  • Expocityvisions - Falco
    "Expo -niert Explo - diert MA - RA - THON King - Size Expo - size Expo - beat City - heat - new prize Expo - s East - West Next - best Next - test Expo - sition City - vision The art of TV - ision under Different"
  • The Sound Of Musik - Falco
    "Es beginnt in einem Wald, Alle Rechte sind bezahlt Es es endet doch daheim. Meine Hende sind so kalt, Denn die Zeit die ging ins Land Meine Seele ist so rein. Die Rose kennt den Duft Meine Stimme braucht"
  • The Kiss Of Kathleen Turner - Falco
    "Train sounds and coughing I always take the 7:30 AM train Going to Brasil City Well, at this hour of the day, I'm not too well humored 'Cause life doesn't show any pity You're always complaining 'bout"
  • Wiener Blut - Falco
    "Hearst Was hat der Bua Was braucht er Fr a Medizin? Geh schau Geh schau da was an Der was genau - Der Peter und der Rote hab'n dem Kas Ane geb'n Eahm hat's wie Hauptfett aufg'stellt Volle Wsch' in d'Wand War"
  • Untouchable - Falco
    "She's not just another pretty face in a magazine This girl is real - She's every schoolboy's dream She fills my fantasies, my eyes and my ears But every time I try to touch her - She dissappears Oh"
  • Tricks - Falco
    "Es hat uns sehr gefreut Man fragt sich was ist dran an ihm Was knnte es wohl sein Ist der Wein aus sterreich Den er uns einschenkt immer rein Bavarian Hungarian Happy hippie vegetarian Was ist das"
  • Garbo - Falco
    "She had exquisite style She was upper class She had supernatural grace A mlange of Aphrodite and Venus Combined with an angel's face She didn't talk to the press She couldn't care less She didn't even"

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