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Feeling withney

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Feeling withney
  • Otto Waalkes Weekend feeling
    "Voll bepackt mit tollen Sachen, die das Leben schner machen Hinein ins Weekend Feeling Da ist das Bier, da sind die Chips Schalt ein den Fernseher, was gibt?s Hinein ins Weekend Feeling Doch nach Mitternacht"
  • Blink-182 Feeling This
    "(Get ready for action!) I gotta regret right now (Im feeling this) The air is so cold and null (Im feeling this) Let me go in her room (Im feeling this) I wanna take off her clothes (Im feeling this) Show"
  • David Coverdale Feeling Hot
    "(coverdale/page) Hey, gypsy woman, roll your dice for me, Read my tarot cards, so I can see. I'm razor sharp, cool sunglasses, Pocketful of backstage passes. Lady luck, roll your dice for me. The boys"
  • Miranda Feeling this
    "(Get ready for action!)I got to regret right now (Im feeling this)The air is so cold and null (Im feeling this)Let me go in her room (Im feeling this)I love all the things you do (Im feeling this)Show"
  • Masterboy Mister Feeling
    "Chorus: Mister Feeling dance the night away Mister Feeling on a holiday All we need is to get this feeling Easy living sunshine everyday Let the feeling never go away You can call it Mister Feeling... Ooh...Mister"
  • Lou Reed Crazy Feeling
    "You're the kind of person that I've been dreaming of You're the kind of person that I always wanted to love And when I first seen you walk right through that bar door And I seen those suit and tie johns"
  • Just Jinger Feeling Loving
    "Warped by the feelings of past disappointment It's all a game up and down How can it be so confusing, all arrangements It's all a game up and down I can't explain feelings out loud now For certain and"
  • Harlequin Superstitious Feeling
    "Somewhere in the night Turning to the right Something clicks inside of your head A taste of mystery Creeping over me Shadows of the unknown dread Superstitious feeling Superstitious feeling The flashing"
  • The Animals Blue Feeling
    "Sit here and wonder what am I so blue Is it because I'm still in love with you ? Blue blue feeling got me down today Blue blue feeling, my baby's gone away Now that she's gone, I don't know what I'll"
  • Spinfire Feeling Beautiful
    "I want you I can't have you I want you, and I know You think i'm beautiful I want you I'll never have you Open your eyes And see the man Beneath my skin I'm feeling beautiful It's so hard When she don't"

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