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Foreigner -
  • Foreigner Unusual Heat
    "My mind tells me, what will be, shall be Not a thing I can do about it 'Cause in my heart I can't do without it It's so cold out here, like minus ten degrees And I'm trying to get through to you I've"
  • Foreigner Soul Doctor
    "Well I woke up this morning Took your advice I dialed the number And I let it ring twice Then I hung up Now I tried to do Everything I could To save our love And make it feel good again I can't fight"
  • Foreigner I'll Get Even With You
    "You gave it to me real low You gave me such a low blow You caught me with my guard down You floored me in the first round You gave it to me real low You gave me such a low blow You hit me on the blind"
  • Foreigner Seventeen
    "Late last night I get a call from a so-called friend He wouldn't give his name Says he saw you with another man Feels like seventeen years It's only seventeen days Since I saw the real you And I let you"
  • Foreigner Head Games
    "Daylight, alright I don't know, I don't know if it's real Been a long night and something ain't right You won't show, you won't show how you feel No time ever seems right To talk about the reasons why"
  • Foreigner The Modern Day
    "I stand up for my pride I don't wanna be just like anyone In this world I cannot hide I must finish what I have begun That's the way I play In the modern day 'Cause I wanna stay In the modern day Got"
  • Foreigner Prisoner Of Love
    "In your book of broken hearts You had my name now the story starts We'll never be the same again I know I'm a victim of circumstance I'm the one that got the second chance One chance...that's all I need,"
  • Foreigner With Heaven On Our Side
    "Time, our precious time In the beginning Your heart and mine I thought our love Was one of a kind I thought we were winning But I was one step behind, ooh oh Words, I couldn't say The words that would"
  • Foreigner Under The Gun
    "Good girl on a bad day She needs love in a bad way Victim in a red dress She won't give no more And won't take no less Walking up the west side She bought a ticket for the long ride Well she's ripe for"
  • Foreigner Blinded By Science
    "Blinded by science, I'm on the run Blinded by science, where do I belong? What's in the future, has it just begun Blinded by science, I'm on the run I worry 'bout the world that we live in I'm worried"

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