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Gogol Bordello, Through The Roof 'n' Underground

  • Darren's Roof - I Hate Myself
    "i'm gonna shout until i'm hoarse, drink until i can't see, laugh until i can't breathe, up here we'll be taller than the city. Shout at the night, raise a fist to life, forget if your shoes are shined, if"
  • 6 Feet Underground - Ja Rule
    "Dice are rolling, Knives are out with thee present danger all around I don't say they mean harm, but they'd each give an arm to see us six feet underground. see us 6 feet under ground It doesn't matter"
  • Tear da roof off - Busta Rhymes
    "Yea, Hmmm Alright now Yea After the ultimate world blast that ended all things this is how we rebuilt shit from the underground up Bounce nigga bounce bounce bounce nigga bounce bounce When I come"
  • Pirates Of The Underground - Fates Warning
    "So you learn real hard, babe in the woods Fight for your keep cause Deep in the dark wolves rip at your Heart as you lie asleep. Endangered specie of the megahertz Follow the yellow brick road, your Asylum"
  • Raise The Roof - Luke
    "(feat. No Good But So Good) WHAT TIME IS IT?? (BOOTY TIME) CHORUS: Let's go Raise the roof Put em up there Raise the Roof Put em up there Raise the roof Put em up there Raise the roof Repeat"
  • Raise The Roof - Public Enemy
    "Raise your hands, so we can Raise the roof, so you can Raise your voice, so we can Raise the roof Raise the roof because it's all on fire Not done by the sun or electrical wire Not done by sons stricking"
  • Raise The Roof - Tracey Thorn
    "What you do Raise the roof Everybody Wants you to And you do it with (3x) And you do it with. . .love When you do That thing you do Love comes through You raise the roof Put the music on"
  • Bordello Of Blood - Anthrax
    "I speed to beat the sunrise.... Weigh a million on the road to sanity My heart my soul my love it's taunt And I question each turn that I make in my mind If I could be any other Please! I'd trade make"
  • 801 Underground - The Used
    "Kids round here got a different way of doin' it lock into a dream and insist on pursuin' it Times are getting tougher and the choice is do or die We play it fuckin loud, how we want and reply So turn up"
  • Hero Underground - Toploader
    "When and why did they lie Under the same roof Neither knows what to say Made his plans in his life Not according to his wife Tried so hard to explain to her So lonely I'm a hero underground, another year"

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