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  • Wrath - Before The Dawn
    "Restart Ignite with brand new hate Inhale the pain Deny the blame Beat them sore This is not a metaphor Black machinery with tons of steel breaking free One man genocide Legion in one heavily armed My"
  • Crystal Tears - On Thorns I Lay
    "I wonder if I have to believe In something better I sleep heavily Into the cold of my pain Or I travel to eternity... Through seasons of passions Open your eyes Just try to be yourself Nothing will"
  • In Splendour - Engel
    "With Sharpened Swords To Last Man Standing The Air Cathartic With Iron And Victory This Static Show Of Force Drenched In Paranoia In This World Lethargic You're Watching Us Peel This Refreshing"
  • Blackflies - Gordon Downie
    "So your name wasn't in the listing Or in the catalogue of lists Or in the error heavily listing. Oh how could your name be missed? See the bull moose Checking out another's rack. There's no point"
  • Konkylie - Midnattsol
    "Shadows of darkness Reflecting the past Afraid to breathe it all out Longing for hope and shades of green Telling me that I'll be free Seek your soft song Assuring me of my freedom and being ready to arise"
  • Happy ever after in your eyes - Ben Harper
    "The morning sunrise spread her wings While the moon hung in the sky Held the sea in your hands And happy everafter in your eyes Couldn't leave you to go to heaven I carry you in my smile For the"
  • My last days of romance - Vanguart
    "You call me in, I check my clockMy shoes were stolenAnd you come and you surround meThe sun comes down, the flowers' dirtThe bird that singsIs the same that surrounds youBut now I'm spinning throughMy"
  • Real Deal - Jessie J
    "flying you and your heart wake up so you choke on your silence spoke up it’s been a hot minute damn you hold me just how I like it spoke up touching you again on the other side I never though that I"
  • Lift Up Your Hands To The... - Fred Hammond
    "Life is not all that bad, my friend, hmmm If you believe in yourself If you believe there's Someone Who walks through life without you You'll never be alone Just learn to reach out, And open your heart Lift"
  • Lift Up Your Hand - Bukas Palad
    "Life is not at all that bad my friend, mmm.... If you believe in yourself If you believe there's someone Who walks through life with you You'll never be alone Just learn to reach out And open your heart Lift"

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