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  • Strife Waiting
    "Reach back and release the power held in each The tools of knowledge we have received Our youth removed stripped of verity But a voice is crying out and we'll take it back... We'll take it back Take back"
  • Strife Force Of Change
    "Resistance in a time of mass self-destruction Makes the few who walk the straight edge A growing force of change Committed through gripped by the plague of a nation Consumed by intoxication and confined"
  • Strife Stand As One (Redemption)
    "The fight for what's right does not lie in closed minds Search inside and you will find the answers lie within the reach of those who try... to live their lives Free from hate It's time to break... chains"
  • Strife Grey
    "The future is dead for many of those who have fallen refusing to let it go Addiction we're victim of affliction We're choking these walls are caving in We keep pushing This world is bleeding Is this our"
  • Strife Will To Die
    "Emptiness again Left alone again Left to question all that's happened No one cares No one tries All that's left is the will to die Try... Try to hold on to what's left inside Empty (and this emptiness"
  • Strife Blistered
    "Blistered by a raging sun's flames Mankind sealed its fate in its haste Warning signs sent time after time We just sit back in all this waste All this waste And I will not wait I'll climb from this place I'll"
  • Strife Forgotten One
    "Broken dreams broken home nowhere to go Shattered life left without a reason why Void inside no one there to hear your cries Alone and cold no one there for you to hold... for you to hold Forgotten one"
  • Strife Wish I Knew
    "Still hanging on the words from your lips Still trembling at my fingertips The end came sooner than expected It came without warning without mercy Believe in me you said... you said Trust in me you pled..."
  • Strife To An End
    "Because I stand in this defiance I wear the mark of those Who choose to refuse self-destructive points of view And with each day spent in self-perseverance My voice is strong against what's wrong forcing"
  • Strife Overthrow
    "Overthrow... attacks on one's own will only to defeat the whole The true fight lies against the ignorance of the outside world We cannot succumb to the conflicts of this inter-segregation The creation"

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