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Jann Arden Weeds

  • Ode To A Friend - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Ode To A Friend I don't mind if you stay longer You have not been any trouble I don't want you to go home yet can you stay just stay ten more minutes You are my best friend I"
  • Why Do I Try - Jann Arden
    "Why Do I Try { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom } Love broke my heart, love washed me up Love made me sick, love swallowed me Love made me weak, everything's bleak Why do I try Why do I try Why Love"
  • Rock This Girl - Jann Arden
    "Rock This Girl { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom } Hey lover friend of mine When you kiss me I feel fine When you love me good like you do Oh lover feels so free When youre here on top of"
  • Demolition Love - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Demolition Love Can you see my heart beating in my mouth Thank God the bones will keep it there inside And you won't have to see this latest casualty And you can get yourself"
  • Kitchen Window - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Kitchen Window I left my kitchen window open last night And all that fresh cold air came rushing in It gets so damn dark down here Sometimes I want that steel blue air The"
  • Leave Me Now - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Leave Me Now Leave me now, don't hang around Just close the door and leave the key under the plant outside The one you bought me years ago look how it's grown Go away, you cannot"
  • Living Under June - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Living Under June Living under June, living under her Living under June, living under her I've got a black and white television I've got an indigo gas oven I've got holes in"
  • Time For Mercy - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Time For Mercy Why does everybody hurt Every bitter sickening word breaks my heart Why can't anybody hear When the thunder disappears and the sun breaks free It's time for"
  • In Your Keeping - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous In Your Keeping tell me i will never die take away my pain rock me gently in your arms say that i'll remain in your keeping brush the hair out from my eyes read me a good"
  • Over You - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Over You I died When I heard your voice After all this time I poured over ancient letters Poured over faded pictures Poured over the last forgiveness I thought I was Over"

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