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Jechail PPP

  • Set It Off - EPMD
    "Intro: This goes out to my peoples in queens. representing, brooklyn, uptown. Yeah, yeah boogie down bronx, staten island, all the way to new jersy. tri State area. long island Verse 1: Ha ha, welcome"
  • Dangerous Mouths - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Redman) Uhh, 3000 baby, uh huh, ooh, raunchy, raunchy Good riddance, to niggas and bitches bullshittin I house MC's like baths and full kitchens, ready or not Doc,hood lynchin, icey flows,"
  • Rollin - Redman
    "Nineteen ninety mother fuckin six That's that shit though Get the motherfuckin Squad packed We got to pull these shoes out like carpet, word is bond Test the crew with the guns and let's get this shit"
  • Smash Sumthin - Redman
    "Here come the remaining beautiful people And for all of you who survive, we hope you enjoyed the ride 2002 will see some new added features Such as - the Spinal Spinning Spiral Splitter and - the Corkscrew"
  • Noorotic - Redman
    "Y'all motherfuckers buckle y'all motherfuckin seatbelts If you need to get high, there's a mask and shit in the overhead compartment I can't tell y'all what the weather's like cuz my radio's fucked up And"
  • Fades Em All - Jamal
    "I'm talking to you niggas on the north south east and west Fuck with Mally G and get a hole in your chest I'm droping antosiastic metaphoric type lines The badest nigga to ever come of from the krib"
  • The Ultimate - Artifacts
    "Transmitting live via satellite (uh, yeah... who we be) hah The one's two's (we be the next man, to get wreck and) to the three's, to the four's, to the five's, uhh Intro/Chorus: You know the time when"
  • Jersey yo - Redman
    "Yo yo yo Once upon a time up in Jersey, Yo! Ha ha, I damn near had to wreck a hoe Yo, I knocked on her do', "Who is it?" Ha ha, it's Funk Doc here to pay a little visit to ya I heard them niggaz in The"
  • Real Niggaz - Redman
    "(feat. Icarus, Jamal, Scarface, Treach) Yeah, now, now is you motherfuckers ready for this? (c'mon) Do you really think you ready for this? (c'mon) Do you know that you ready for this, huh? We gon'"
  • Da Bullshit - Redman
    "(feat. Icarus) That's that bullshit Ic-Don motherfucker Da bullshit Funk Doc motherfucker Push whips motherfucker Na, na chill out who got the weed in this motherfucker yo? Brick City, Jersey, I got the"

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