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  • Flying High - Jem
    "You can't know, oh no, you can't know How much I think about you, no It's making my head spin Looking at you, and you are looking at me And we both know what we want So close to giving in Feel so nice,"
  • Save Me - Jem
    "Save me Save me Save me I've gotta stop my mind Working overtime It's driving me insane It will not let me live Always so negative It's become my enemy Save me Save me Save me Save me Save me Save me Why"
  • 24 - Jem
    "Been given 24 hours To tie up loose ends To make amends His eyes said it all I started to fall And the silence deafened Head spinning round No time to sit down Just wanted to run and run and run Be careful"
  • Missing You - Jem
    "I wish this could be A happy song But my happiness disappeared The moment you were gone Don't think I ever believed that This day will come Now all I'm feeling Is lost and numb ''And Oohh'' I know I promised ''Mmmmm'' That"
  • Wish I - Jem
    "Baby, you're sailing today Baby, you're sailing away Sugar, wish I could go too But honey you know I'm happy for you Wish I, I wish I, I wish I Wish I was going too Baby, your ship has come in Baby,"
  • Falling For You - Jem
    "Said there'd be no going back Promised myself I'd never be that sad Maybe that's why you've come along To show me, it's not always bad Coz I can feel it, baby I feel like I'm falling for you But I'm scared"
  • Stay Now - Jem
    "Daylight comes, daylight comes and you've gotta go Breaks my heart, breaks my heart to have to watch you go Wish I knew, wish I knew when you'll be back again However long it's just too long until we meet"
  • Down to Earth - Jem
    "Friends I have to tell you They sent me on a mission down to earth To watch and to observe life And gather information 'bout your birth But what I mostly see is misery And it makes me sad So capable"
  • Crazy - Jem
    "Take your aftershave Take your rings Take your clothes Just take all of your things Move your flash car, It's wasting my space Now take yourself, get out of my place You think I'm crazy Well then I'm"
  • I Want You To... - Jem
    "Maria, salimos esta noche? -Ay, no se. Maria, igual encuentras un chico guapo. -No se, estoy cansada. Sabes que? Que vas a salir y ser una gran noche. Spinning round and I touch the ground An' I, let"

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