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Jimmy Buffett Fool Button

  • Jimmy - 18 Over Par
    "Jimmy moved here from the city In the middle of last fall He thought he was real cool L.A Dodgers hat and all! He's got the baggiest jeans I don't like him at all Jimmy is bad news I'd like to see him"
  • Jimmy - The 69 Eyes
    "I would've never thought you could be crying As you saw Jimmy in Giant Angels never same since they stopped flying Bright beautiful flames burn brightly THat's the same Little runaway with my heart"
  • Jimmy Jimmy - Zucchero
    "(Zucchero - Cheope) Jimmy Jimmy Balla sui dispiaceri Balla sopra le tue ansie di ieri E sulla speranza di oggi avvilita Jimmy Jimmy Che la rabbia diventi Una forza di mille correnti Con te che ritorni"
  • Jimmy - Truth Hurts
    "I got the story now listen up I got this story about this player named Jim He used to get down for me When ever I told him he could come get plenty He got the remedy my bills was paid He got me laced"
  • Jimmy - Boudewijn De Groot
    "Hoe sterk is de eenzame fietser die kromgebogen over zijn stuur tegen de wind zichzelf een weg baant? Hoe zelfbewust de voetbalspeler die voor de ogen van het publiek de wedstrijd wint, zich kampioen"
  • Jimmy - Tool
    "What was it like to see the face of your own stability suddenly look away leaving you with the dead and hopeless? Eleven and she was gone. Eleven is when we waved good-bye. Eleven is standing still,"
  • Jimmy - Cats On Trees
    "You won’t find him, anywhere He’s gone for good, lost for everybody I hope to hear from you, I hope one day Some inspired by you will be better people I think I see him everywhere Even gone, I feel him"
  • Love Potion Epi. (Jimmy Neutron) - Nickelodeon
    "He'll comply with my every demand My Valentine will know who's in command (Will he be good in school?) He'll do my homework every night (What if he's a fool?) He'd better get the answers right He'll"
  • Hardest button to button - The White Stripes
    "We started living in an old houseMy ma gave birth and we were checking it outIt was a baby boySo we bought him a toyIt was a ray gunAnd it was 1981We named him BabyHe had a toothacheHe started cryingIt"
  • Campaign Button - Fionn Regan
    "They want you to live in a cage No channel to broadcast on A troglodyte A derelict barn Campaign Button They want you in the wilderness No area to pick up the signal A troglodyte A derelict barn Campaign Button The"

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